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Early soil preparation ensures great results

It’s been a cold one this year hasn’t it? Hopefully you did your duty and protected your plants accordingly and they look to have survived the several cold snaps (Surprise! Snow!). Yes, we’re still having drizzly and cloudy days, but there are plenty of days in between that you can take advantage of to get a jump start on some gardening tasks. (A little extra effort now will ease the …Read More

Organics: FoxFarm in particular

I’ve done it. I’m all in. It’s taken me about 6 out of the 7 years I’ve worked at Rainbow Gardens to take the final plunge, but I’ve finally done it! I’ve gone completely organic. I really don’t know why it’s taken me this long to get there, I can only blame it on a stubborn streak that runs deep within and me and perhaps a strong desire for instant …Read More

Bonus Bucks and a Great Big Thanks!

The time has arrived for our doors to be thrown open in wild abandon by eager friends hustling in to get a well-earned discount on practically anything in the store. That’s right, it’s Bonus Bucks Redemption Days once again! It’s our way of giving thanks back to you for loving our nursery, plants, products, and staff. Because of you, we get to continue to offer you the best selection of …Read More

Pet safety through the dog days of summer.

I glanced at the 10 day forecast for this week and regretted it instantly. 96, 98, 97, and so on. I think you get the drift. It’s only June and I’ve had to peel my leg from a hot car seat a handful of times already! I’ve been trying to get up early to do gardening chores to avoid the sun’s heat. It’s best to water in the morning anyway, …Read More

The Natives Are Restless! Plant Native!

The Natives Are Restless! When I first started working at Rainbow Gardens, I was pretty limited in my knowledge about plants. I mean, I could tell you the difference between a petunia and a pansy, I knew that tomatoes needed to be staked and vines needed to be trellised, but it wasn’t until I was immersed in the nursery culture that I really began to learn about plants. Fast forward …Read More

Tips and Tricks: Growing Vegetables

Spring vegetable season is well on its way but you still have time to start a garden. We hope you were able to join us for some of the amazing seminars we have had so far but if you haven’t had a chance yet, take heart, we’ve got a lot more on the way. I’m also taking the time today to do my best mash up of the great tips …Read More

Raising caterpillars and butterflies: A newbies experience!

I’ve embarked on a new adventure and frankly, it is taking over my life. I went to one seminar, Monarch Tagging and Releasing with Drake White (The Nectar Bar), and took one trip to visit Laura Jarvis’s (our event coordinator) backyard butterfly oasis back in October and I was hooked. I wanted to have caterpillars crawling all over my hands! I wanted to see the magical transformation from caterpillar to …Read More

Success Is In Site: Get the most out of your raised garden.

I feel it. Do you feel it? Although there may be a smattering of cold days here and there, the sun is making itself known. I’ve already seen new growth pushing up from the ground on many of my perennials. The birds have an extra little peep in their chirps, and a few butterflies have already come sniffing around believing their nectar sources should be in bloom already. Spring wants …Read More

How goes the resolutions?

We’re coming round to the end of January and this is usually the time that some of us (ok, I mean me) ditch the resolutions and fall back into our (meaning, my) old habits. I think it is because we tend to make broad, general resolutions rather than specific ones; at least that’s what I do. In the past I’ve pledged to “be healthier”, “read more”, or “be more organized”. …Read More

Forcing Amaryllis Bulbs Inside For Cheerful Color

This is the time of year I usually start shifting my interests towards my surroundings inside. It seems as soon as Daylight Savings Time arrives, I start thinking about what I can do inside my home to brighten things up when the dark of night starts creeping in earlier. I’m a sunshine kind of girl and when the time change takes away my light, I tend to get a little …Read More

Butterfly Field Trip

October was an amazing month for butterflies! Whether it was the hordes of Snout Nose butterflies we tried in vain to avoid greeting with our windshields, or the masses of Queens visiting before the Monarchs flew in, there really wasn’t a day that didn’t provide some type of butterfly sighting. I said goodbye to the peak butterfly migration month this past Monday when I took a little butterfly appreciation field …Read More

Climb Aboard The Sprouting Train!

Have you jumped on board the sprouting train? It seems like every page you turn in a health magazine these days features a recipe or photo including these tiny seeds or legumes waving their little “tails” at you. Sprouting is the process of soaking seeds, legumes, grain or nuts, to pull it out of dormancy and into a “live” plant. But instead of planting those seeds, you eat them up …Read More

Seed Bombs: A Wildflower Party

It’s fall in San Antonio but if you were new to the city and had to spend any time outside recently, you just might call me a liar. The sun still blazes, but every now and then a cool morning greets us, and we just may dip below 85 for the highest temp of the day. We know it’s still warm, but we still bring in all your fall favorites …Read More

Vegetable Harvesting: How Long Do I Gotta Wait?

How Long Do I Gotta Wait? It doesn’t really matter which growing season it is, it seems to happen in both. We add our compost, till our soil, buy our seeds and veggies, plant them up and then…….wait. We water faithfully, check to make sure our veggies are getting adequate light, and then…..wait. We add a little fertilizer to get them going and some active soil microbes into the mix, …Read More

Don’t let those Bonus Bucks go to waste!

It happens. Every year. The wailing drifts up to the computer office from the downstairs register. The sound is so sorrowful, gut wrenching, and there is not a thing I can do about it. I peek over the railing and see the wide-eyed surprise first, then the confusion, the anger, and finally the resigned sadness. It’s the moment when a few of our dear customers realize they missed out on the month …Read More

Plumbagos are plumbeautiful!

This blog will not be an impartial blog and I don’t have any problems not apologizing for it. I will be telling you all about my absolute favorite plant here at the nursery. My favorite plants usually have mostly to do with a few tried and true factors. They must be easy to take care of, they must be sweet on my water bill, and they must come back and …Read More

Vermicompost part two: Building my bed

Last month, in part one of this series of blogs about worm composting, I tried to get you excited about entertaining the thought of becoming friends with worms. It was a little introduction to vermicomposting based on the seminar we had with Kyle Harrell from Texas Red Worms. If you missed the first blog, Vermicomposting: Opening My Own Can Of Worms,  go back and take a second to read about …Read More