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PDF to print: Rainbow Gardens Ad for Friday May 25

(Giant milkweed…photo courtesy monarchbutterflygarden.net)

Oh, oh, oh! We’ve got milkweed again this weekend! Did you miss out last time? They sure went fast. We brought in another variety too…Giant Milkweed. This variety we believe will be a potential perennial for inner city neighborhoods/near or inside Loop 410. Basically the outer range neighborhoods would be from Windcrest across to Haromony Hills, San Pedro hills reaching across to Leon Valley and inward from those neighborhoods. We believe the warmth of the inner city will allow this plant to come back after freezing to the ground in cold winters. Ready to give it a try? Be here early to get yours today! $21.99 per 2 gallon.

Both locations!!!!
Native milkweed are host/nectar plants for the monarch butterfly.
Monarch butterflies cannon survive without milkweed. It is the ONLY plant monarch caterpillars will eat, and it is the ONLY plant monarchs will lay their eggs on. So we need more of it growing here in San Antonio. Please help to support the monarch population and their migration. $9.99 while supplies last. We have brought in multiple varieties including Giant Milkweed which we haven’t had before. Get here early because these sell out super fast.

Tuberosa Milkweed
Tropical Perennial
Light: Full sun
Hardiness: possible damage at 25°
Growth habit: 3′ H x 1.5′ W
Water needs: Drought tolerant once established
Commonly known as butterfly weed, this drought resistant milkweed produces vibrant orange clusters of flowers that attract many pollinators, including of course, the monarch butterfly which uses this plant as a host and nectar source.

Dahlberg Daisy
Annual (technically a tender perennial)
Light: Full Sun
Hardiness: possible damage at 25-30°
Growth Habit: 1′ H x 1′ W
Water needs: drought tolerant once established
Ferny foliage, cheery yellow daisies, the dahlberg daisy is a delight in baskets and gardens alike. Packs a punch for a small plant by blooming months on end. Great choice for those dry patches where not much else grows.

Light: Full Sun
Hardiness: possible damage at 25°
Growth habit: Average 18″ H x 10″-12″ W
Water needs: Best with regular watering, but drought tolerant
These cheerful little globular flowers can take the Texas heat and keep on thriving. They make a great addition to front borders of annual or mixed beds, or can be just as happy potted up in a colorful container arrangement. Long lasting flowers that also look great in dried arrangements.

Light: AM Sun/PM shade best
Hardiness: damage at 32°
Growth habit: Average 6″-8″ H x 12″ W
Water needs: Best with regular watering
Plant in area with wee-draining soil. Mass planting gives you a carpet of fuzzy blue flowers all summer til frost. Deer resistant, tough soil adapting.

Gazania Daisy
Half- hardy Annual
Light: Full Sun
Hardiness: possible damage at 30° (could bounce back from light frost)
Growth Habit: 6″-10″ H x 12″ W
Water needs: Drought tolerant once established
These are the tough little flowers you want when you need something by reflected paved areas. They thrive in heat and full sun. Flowers open in sunshine and plants could grow lanky if given too much shade. Leathery foliage with large daisy-like flowers. Perfect for our San Antonio summers.

Next ad will be posted by Friday open of business.

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