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Featured Plants and Products


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Something old something new plants and products we want to share with you.  Plants you know, or haven’t seen, and then the others in between.

We’ll bring you information on plants and products that we are featuring each month. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

July Featured Plants and Products:

Bloom Again Perennials

Planting a mix of perennial spring, summer and fall bloomers keeps you in color season after season. You’ll have a continuous wave of blooms throughout the year.

Coneflowers offer cheerful colors to greet you year after year in your gardens.

(Mexican Bush Sage offers up brilliant color when many spring/summer blooms are petering out.)

Fall Gardening Is Right Around Then Corner

Believe it or not, fall garden planning is on the way. We get started early with our vegetable gardens so we can take advantage of our short growing seasons. Take advantage of the in between months and prepare your garden soil so that when fall planting takes off, you can get right to the fun stuff. Some seeds can be started indoors so you’ll have strong transplants when garden planting rolls around. We’ve even seen a few tomatoes already pop into the nursery, and peppers have been available, but they get bought up fast, so best to call ahead to see what we’ve got each day.

(Fill up your gardens with yummy nutrients and give your plants a winning start. Fox Farm blends have it all!)

Summer Shrubs Are Taking Off In The Heat

Many shrubs have just been waiting for the heat to spur them into releasing their blooms. Butterfly bushes come in a variety of hues and sizes and can offer amazing color to areas that are a little shadier in the afternoon. Plus, just as their name suggests, they invite butterflies to your garden!

(Profuse blooms all summer long with this butterfly bush.)

Find A Spot For Something Unique

It’s always fun to have that one plant in your garden that causes people to take a second and third look. We love bringing in a variety of unique plants for you to choose from. Take an extra few minutes around the nursery to search some of these out. You won’t be disappointed.

(Giant Dutchman’s Pipe at Bandera)

(Musical Notes Clerodenron at Thousand Oaks)

(Pink Dancing Lady Ginger at Thousand Oaks.)


Bandera just got a new selection of bonsai in and Thousand Oaks almost always has some amazing creations courtesy of Maria. Bonsai are a wonderful way to combine gardening and art. Take a look around the bonsai area and you’ll be amazed at all the types of plants you can create these magical pieces from. Start with one of ours and add your own personality to them with colored pebbles, or tiny sedums added into the pot. Once you get started you won’t be able to stop!

(Picking out a good one at Bandera.)

(Lots to choose from at Thousand Oaks.)

Houseplants selection is prime time

Both locations have some wonderful houseplants in inventory right now. The temperatures outside are heating up but you can have a little slice of heaven and do some gardening in the comfort of your air conditioning. Add some plants to a bright, sunny window and let the outdoors in!

(Gorgeous foliage color, texture, and variety.)

Make A Splash With Water Plants!

We’ve got a great selection to pretty up your ponds right now. Tall and stately water plants, low floating beauties and everything in between. It’s prime picking right now, so come check them out and spruce up your water features.

(Purple Cardinal Flower at Thousand Oaks)

(Purple Fantasy Water Lily at Bandera)

Gorgeous Annuals Are Here For The Taking!

Our annual selection makes coming to the nursery each week a brand new experience. There’s no stopping us from bringing both your favorites and new varieties for you to try out. we are bursting at the seams with color right now. Let us share it with you!

(Watermelon Portulaca) 

(Fireworks Gomphrena)

Pest Control Products

Summertime takes a toll on our plants. Heat and drought stressed plants tend to be magnets for pests and disease. They search out weak plants to prey upon. Keep to a regular watering schedule and remove damaged or diseased plants to the trash (not compost bin) so as not to leave them there as attractants to bugs. When you absolutely need a control spray, come see us and we will help pick out the best product for you and your garden needs.


(All lined up and ready for you, our pest arsenal….don’t be intimidated, we will help you pick out what’s best.)