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Monthly Herb Garden


Most of us are familiar with herbs like lavender and rosemary, and we’ve probably all had a sprig of parsley placed on a dinner plate; but here at Rainbow Gardens, our goal is to astound you with the number of herbs that are available to you. We hope to entice you with their aromas, to beckon you with their beautiful foliage, and to create in you a deep love for this versatile plant. Whether you are a budding chef looking to spice up some dishes, a seeker of holistic approaches to modern day medicine, or a nature lover just looking to have a beautiful, aromatic plant to join your garden or patio, you won’t be disappointed with the selection you find at our nurseries. Once you find them, learn how to keep them. Click on the months below to help you succeed in your herb garden.

  1. January_Herb_Garden
  2. February_Herb_Garden
  3. March_Herb_Garden
  4. April_Herb_Garden
  5. May_Herb_Garden
  6. June_Herb_Garden
  7. July_Herb_Garden
  8. August_Herb_Garden
  9. September_Herb_Garden
  10. October_Herb_Garden
  11. November_Herb_Garden
  12. December_Herb_Garden