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Seed Bombs: A Wildflower Party

It’s fall in San Antonio but if you were new to the city and had to spend any time outside recently, you just might call me a liar. The sun still blazes, but every now and then a cool morning greets us, and we just may dip below 85 for the highest temp of the day. We know it’s still warm, but we still bring in all your fall favorites …Read More

Vegetable Harvesting: How Long Do I Gotta Wait?

How Long Do I Gotta Wait? It doesn’t really matter which growing season it is, it seems to happen in both. We add our compost, till our soil, buy our seeds and veggies, plant them up and then…….wait. We water faithfully, check to make sure our veggies are getting adequate light, and then…..wait. We add a little fertilizer to get them going and some active soil microbes into the mix, …Read More

Fall brings the most colorful veggies!

Here it comes, the push of the fall season. I bet you haven’t been able to walk by a store without seeing a larger than life poster of a couple kids wearing starched shirts or dresses, donning backpacks full of shiny new school supplies, grinning ear to ear, eyes gleaming with hope for what the future holds ahead. You also probably haven’t been able to walk into many stores without your …Read More

Become A Seed-Sowing Machine!

Remember last week when we made the resolution that we were going to plan ahead for our seasonal gardens this year? If you don’t remember, take a look at the previous Happy Gardener blog and then meet me right back here, I’ll be waiting. That’s right, now we remember. We are going to get our dirt ready, fix our tools, plan ahead, etc, etc…. And today, we are going to …Read More

Wildflowers: Now is the time!

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…” ― Susan Polis Schutz You know the feeling and how it goes……there is just starting to get a little nip in the air, but the days are still warm and we just can’t bring ourselves to get up in the attic and pull down the winter coats yet. Or, even though we know it will help in the …Read More

Bring in the Backyard Birds

Bring In The Backyard Birds Bird watching can be hours of fun for the whole family! It is a morning ritual at our house to feed the birds and sit down on the porch with a nice cup of hot coffee, then watch the show. Birds will do the silliest things. We have  blue jays that like to hide the peanuts we’ve set out for them. They diligently cover up …Read More