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This page gives us a chance to let you in on some of the newspaper, magazine, and circular articles Rainbow Gardens has been featured in. From time to time we get recognition for something special, and that has a lot to do with you, our amazing customers. You spread the word about us and we appreciate it.

San Antonio Express News readers voted Rainbow Gardens best nursery in San Antonio 2018!

Thank you San Antonio Express News readers for making Rainbow Gardens once again, Best Nursery in San Antonio, 2018!

Thank you San Antonio Current for voting us #1 best plant nursery in San Antonio!

Thank you San Antonio Current for voting Rainbow Gardens your #1 Best Plant Nursery in San Antonio, 2018.

Rainbow Gardens employee Reychelle Beckman

Photo By Jerry Lara /San Antonio Express-News
Employee Reychelle Beckman works inventory at Rainbow Gardens’ Thousand Oaks location. Rainbow Gardens won Gold in the 2015 Readers Choice awards for Plants/Nursery.
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 Thank you San Antonio Current! We’ve been voted Best Plant Nursery 2015. This makes 4 years in a row! We are very proud and extremely thankful.

2015 Best of San Antonio winner for best plant nursery.



Excerpt from GCA Feb16, 2015

Rainbow Gardens Bandera location sign and greenhouse.Excerpt_from_GCA_featuring_Dann

In This Issue:
• GCA MEMBER PROFILE: Rainbow Gardens, San Antonio, TX
MEMBER PROFILE: Daniel Keith, Partner
Rainbow Gardens, San Antonio, TX
IGC Increases Business By Educating Customers,
Exploring Industry Examples on Gardening Trends

With two stores, about 6 acres each, in San Antonio, TX, Rainbow Gardens adds to its bottom line by keeping up with the latest horticulture industry techniques and trends and educating its customers on how they can maximize the enjoyment of their outdoor living spaces based on these newest ideas.

Just as Rainbow Gardens educates its customers, it is always seeking to grow its business and find the latest trends through educational opportunities with the GCA Summer Tours and membership networking.

Daniel Keith, Partner at Rainbow Gardens, took about 2,000 photos while on the GCA Summer Tour in San Francisco last year. “I made copies of the photos and notes that I took so that our staff could look at them,” he says. “I took note of what was good and what was bad.” He has seven GCA Summer Tours under his belt.

Daniel takes those photos and notes as examples for practices in his business. “We try to implement two or three of the best ideas that we see would work for us,” he says. “That’s how we started fairy gardening, and it has become a strong category.”

Daniel even took note of the weather conditions while on the tour and how they affected the garden centers. “We are in the middle of a five-year drought – much like California is experiencing – so I acquired a lot of water-wise ideas that we are going to put on signage or perhaps our uniform shirts,” he says.

Promoting water-conscious practices is a matter of responsibility for both Rainbow Gardens’ customers and the business itself, says Daniel.

Education Sets Customers Up for Success

On most Saturdays during summer and fall, Rainbow Gardens hosts workshops, seminars and other gardening-related events to inspire customers, young and old. When Events Coordinator Laura Jarvis creates these workshops or seminars, she considers customer feedback and interests.

She also reads a lot of magazines and stays in tune with what is happening in the horticultural industry to find inspiration and ideas on what to feature next in education at Rainbow Gardens.

“I’ve been in the horticulture field my entire adult life, and I want to inspire others to get out in the yard and get into gardening,” Laura says. “We want to educate the public as well as further the things that we sell. Our goal is to make Rainbow Gardens the go-to place for families. Gardening is a healthy thing for everyone to do.”

Daniel adds, “We want to make sure that children are interested in being outside and playing with plants – to get them started at an early age, as we were.”

Laura plans to put together more store events to increase customer awareness of good gardening practices. “I’ve been organizing a daylong event where we have multiple speakers, vendors and activities that relate to gardening,” she says. “One of our biggest successes was our Celebrate Earth Day event, where we had four or five speakers and a lot of vendors. It was very popular among customers and very successful for the business.”

Customer education extends to Rainbow Gardens’ website under the “Learning Center” link, where a multitude of topics, such as gardening to attract wildlife and lawn maintenance, are featured in helpful tip sheets that can easily be downloaded and printed.

Apart from being a gardening educational resource, Rainbow Gardens includes two full-scale garden centers, located about 20 miles from each other. They feature a wide selection of annuals, perennials, roses, trees, shrubs, palms, herbs, edibles, water plants, ornamental grasses and cactus plants. The stores’ hardgoods selection includes fairy gardens, decorative rock and pavers, glazed pottery, whiskey barrels, garden supplies, wind chimes, garden art, fountains, statues and birdbaths.

Daniel’s retail garden centers make it their mission to provide the best selection of green goods for gardeners living in the San Antonio area and to answer the questions that people have about taking care of their plants. Education grows success, he says.


***San Antonio Express News Readers Choice Award 2014-Best Nursery***


Rainbow Gardens employee Mia Freeman.Photo By BOB OWEN/STAFF

Mia Freeman waters plants at Rainbow Gardens on Bandera Road. At right is a hardy esperanza plant. BOB OWEN /rowen@express-news.net


Current magazine recipient of Best Nursery, 3 years in a row!

Rainbow Gardens best of San Antonio winner 3 years in a row!——————————————————————————————————

San Antonio Express News, August 31, 2014. Wicking Bed


Rainbow Gardens featured in San Antonio Express News.


San Antonio Express News article July 2014- Honey bees. (Check out Laura Jarvis’s suggestion for bee attracting plants in the middle of the article.)


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San Antonio Express News article June 2012- Collecting Seeds


Rainbow Gardens featured in San Antonio Express News article about collecting seeds.