City Programs

Programs available in San Antonio, TX.

Rainbow Gardens has partnered with SAWS in San Antonio to bring you money saving coupons and rebates! Our great city offers you many programs and opportunities to save or get money back on your water-saving or energy-reducing plants and products. Rainbow Gardens is thrilled to be a partner in these amazing city programs.

Each spring and fall, SAWS has open enrollment for their WaterSaver Landscape coupons. They also have educational events throughout the year to help you earn points for their WaterSaver Rewards Program. You can turn your points into coupons for mulch, compost, and other landscaping supplies. You can participate in one program or both! If the spring deadline passed you by, make sure you enroll for the fall program starting August 15th.  Also keep an eye out for City Brush Pick Up,  another city program with the San Antonio Waste Management.

We will be adding links to this page when these city programs and coupons become available for you to enroll and redeem. A list of products and plants that are eligible for your WaterSaver coupons will also be included. The list of eligible plants is extensive. Perennials, shrubs, and cacti are included, so you are sure to find something you will like.

SAWS has two programs available. Their watersaving landscape coupon program and their watersaver rewards program.

We have a section at our stores dedicated to the eligible SAWS plants. They each have a SAWS sign on them for easy identification. If you need help finding any of the plants, please ask one of our employees for assistance. They will be happy to help you! If you take the time to apply and redeem your coupons, you will be rewarded with savings as well as a beautiful landscape. It is a win-win situation! If you are interested in saving, please click on the links below for more information on the city programs, and see what they and Rainbow Gardens have to offer you.

SAWS WaterSaving Landscape Coupon Program

SAWS WaterSaver Rewards Program

City Waste Management/Brush Collection