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San Antonio Waste Management city brush collection programs.

City of San Antonio Waste Management Programs

When it’s time to prune and trim our trees and shrubs, sometimes the last thing on our mind is what to do with the brush after we’ve completed the task. San Antonio Waste Management offers two city brush collections a year, usually around 6 months apart (the most recent happened in July 2018). It might be a good idea to try and time your pruning around the time they’ll come through with their big trucks and dispose of it for you. See the links below for more info about Waste Management’s regulations for brush pick up, free landfill day, and other helpful tips.

If you find yourself needing the San Antonio Solid Waste Management brush service outside of the times of their free brush pick up, you can just pay a service fee of only 25 cents per pound and drop off your brush yourself. The price goes up a tiny bit after you’ve surpassed 20 pounds of brush, but it’s still really cheap! It’s a great option for when you just need to fill in some walkways, or maybe to fill in a playground. Remember to bring your most recent CPS energy bill and a photo ID to take advantage of these services.

Not only does the city offer brush collection and free landfill days, but San Antonio Solid Waste Management also offers mulch pick up at their recycling centers for a minimal fee. You can load up a pickup truck full finely ground mulch for only 3 cents per pound up to 20 pounds. Or….if you are just looking for some coarsely ground mulch, it is offered for free, year round! Christmas tree mulch is offered for free for a limited time after January 1st. What a deal! Just remember to bring a tarp with you to cover your mulch so you don’t get fined according to the Tarp Law-City Ordinance #72272.

Thank you, City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management for these awesome programs we residents can take advantage of.

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