SAWS WaterSaver Rewards Program

How to earn up to $150 for SAWS watersaver rewards program

SAWS WaterSaver Rewards Program

SAWS WaterSaver Rewards Program offers you a chance to earn coupons for water saving products like plants, mulch, rain barrels, etc. by participating in SAWS-approved conservation programs. Each time you attend a SAWS-approved, educational based program, or enroll in a SAWS-approved conservation program, you earn points towards these coupons. You can bring in these coupons and redeem them at Rainbow Gardens for your water-saving plants or/and products.

Rainbow Gardens carries all your SAWS approved water-saving plants to make your landscape both beautiful and water-efficient. We have a terrific selection of native plants that naturally conserve water. We also carry mulch, compost, birdbaths, and other landscaping supplies that can be applied towards your SAWS WaterSaver Rewards coupons.

To earn these rewards, you could attend SAWS approved classes and events like: Home Composting Workshops, Nature Preserve Walks, Rain Harvesting Workshops, Gardening for Wildlife, Landscape Design School  classes, etc… There are a lot of events to choose from, and there are usually multiple classes and events each month. Be sure to check out the link to the SAWS event calendar below, which posts events that are WaterSaver Rewards eligible.

SAWS WaterSaver coupon amounts come in $30, $50, $70. You could earn up to a total of $150! What a savings. And the whole time you are earning, you are also learning valuable information.

SAWS WaterSaver Program

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Important things to know about SAWS watersaver rewards program

*If you applied for the SAWS WaterSaving Rewards program in 2017 during the initial rollout of the program, and have already received your card, you do not have to apply again in 2018.

*You must use your coupons with 90 days of receiving them. This is a SAWS approved program and we CANNOT make exceptions or adjustments to their program.

*Only 1 coupon per amount, per person, per year.

*You can only redeem your coupons at approved, participating vendors….that’s us, Rainbow Gardens!