Don’t let those Bonus Bucks go to waste!

It happens. Every year. The wailing drifts up to the computer office from the downstairs register. The sound is so sorrowful, gut wrenching, and there is not a thing I can do about it. I peek over the railing and see the wide-eyed surprise first, then the confusion, the anger, and finally the resigned sadness. It’s the moment when a few of our dear customers realize they missed out on the month of Bonus Bucks redemption.


(Yep, that’s it, that’s pretty much the look we see when you realize you’ve missed out on Bonus Bucks month!)

We announce it on our website, we blast it all over Facebook, and Instagram, we post it in big letters on our marquees and billboards, and we ask at the register if they have any Bonus Bucks to use, and yet still a few miss out. Perhaps they forgot where they put them over the springtime. Maybe they just left them behind at home, maybe some don’t think about coming to the nursery during August because it’s so hot outside. It could be any number of reasons, but they just miss out, even with all the reminders.


(Reminders like these go up all August.)

So this is my plea. Don’t miss out! This is absolutely a wonderful opportunity for you to save some big money here at Rainbow Gardens, and it’s the biggest way we give back to our customers. Take notice of our posts on Facebook, the website, inside the store, and on our signs. We remind you daily not to bug you, but to eliminate any chance that you won’t forget to use your Bonus Bucks. Remember back in spring when we were handing them out and there were suggestions to clip the bucks to your calendar on the month of August? Or when we advised to put the Bonus Bucks straight into your glove compartment or wallet so you would always have them with you? This is why we said that. We know how things get squirreled away for a later time and then when that time comes, we have no idea where we put those things. Bonus Bucks can be found in the weirdest of places, so start looking now because it can take awhile to find them. Believe me, I finally learned to keep mine in my glove compartment because I spent one August looking for my bucks to no avail, only to find them three months later when I got a cold, tucked away in my medicine cabinet! Why were they there? Probably to keep them safe, but I rarely get sick so they were quickly forgotten about and I missed out that year, and believe me the tears were hovering in the corners of my eyes.

bonus bucks car bonus_bucks_wallet

(Two good places to store your Bonus Bucks. Take note for when you find them this month, and for next spring.)

Some people think it’s a waste to use the Bonus Bucks in August because it’s too hot to plant anything. While yes, it is hot, remember that Bonus Bucks can be used on way more than just plants. In fact, the only thing you can’t use your Bonus Bucks on are gift certificates, sale items, and planting services. That leaves a whole lot of options open for you to save on. Personally, I love using my Bonus Bucks on those items that are very necessary and important but not all that much fun to buy. I opt to save on bags of soil, compost, mulch, fertilizer, insecticides and fungicides. It seems to lessen the blow knowing that I have to get these items anyway so might as well get them for up to half off. I stock up and then am ready for whatever comes my way. Occasionally I go ahead and get that gorgeous pot or funky piece of yard art that I’ve been eyeballing for months. Why not, it’ll be at a huge discount now. And honestly, due to my crazed spending in spring, I usually have enough bucks to spread around a few purchases. And as for those plants, remember that fall veggie planting starts early here in San Antonio, and we’ve got a great selection of veggies that your Bonus Bucks can help buy.




(Some of the items I don’t like spending money on, but I love using my Bonus Bucks for.)

Please, please, please don’t be the one I hear crying about how they missed Bonus Bucks redemption days. We give you a full month to scrounge up your bucks and come see us, and we can’t take them after August 31st. So do me a favor and as soon as you are done reading the last word on this blog, go find your bucks and put them in your wallet, and make a date to come to Rainbow Gardens WITHIN the month of August. Not a month later or day later, but WITHIN the month of August. We want you to enjoy these savings and we want to give back to you. We want you walking out of here smiling, not crying! Okay, ready, set, go!


The Happy Gardener

Lisa Mulroy

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