Fall Planting Guides and Events for Rainbow Gardens San Antonio, TX

Fall leaves on tree for fall planting

Fall in San Antonio is probably Rainbow Gardens’ favorite time of the year for planting. The cooler days, more chances for rain, and brighter mornings put a little pep in our step. With the abundance of fall veggies available, and it being the very best time for planting trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and wildflowers, there’s no doubt as to why we, at the nursery, enjoy fall so much.

Rainbow Gardens wants to make sure the word is heard for those who have missed out on this fabulous planting season in the past. We urge you to not only take our word for it, but also see for yourself how your plants fair through the following summer after planting in fall. Really take notice of the difference between those that you planted in spring and and those that you planted in fall. Those planted in fall are most likely to have survived and possibly thrived. Those planted in spring might have had a harder time if they survived at all through a drought-heavy San Antonio summer.

Rainbow Gardens wants to help make this fall planting season the most successful for you yet. We’ve dedicated this page to offering you links to our fall planting guides, blogs, events, and special offers, and anything else we think you should know to help you realize that fall is for planting in San Antonio, Texas! We’ll continue to update the page and add links, so check back often so that you can stay on track this fall.

Early fall vegetable planting gives us San Antonians a chance to have a second round of warm-weather vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and eggplant. But you really do have to get them in early (like mid-late August) in order to have a successful harvest before the cold weather rolls in. Check out our Happy Gardener blogs about getting your soil prepped to be ready for fall gardening, and also for getting your early tomato transplants off on the right foot.

early fall planting of warm weather eggplant(Eggplant is an early-fall, warm-weather option.)

Planting times for cool weather veggies through fall and winter come right on the tail of those previously mentioned “early” plantings. In September and October, Rainbow Gardens nurseries are brimming over with many different varieties of lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, mustard, spinach and more. Planting the right vegetable at the right time can make a huge difference in the success of your veggie garden. Tap the link to see an awesome list of what you should plant and when: Monthly Veggie Plantings listed by Karen Gardner

purple, yellow, green cauliflower fall veggies(Fun varieties of cauliflower to try during cool, fall weather.)

Planting trees in San Antonio can be a breeze if you do it in fall. Our trees, shrubs, woody perennials need the 6 months of winter to get their roots established so that they can take on the brutal heat of our summers. Tap the link to read more about why it’s so important to plant in fall, and easy steps for how to do it. Planting Trees In San Antonio, Texas   

tree yard at rainbow gardens for fall planting in san antonio(No better time than fall to plant a shade tree in San Antonio, TX.)

The fall migration the Monarch butterflies take through San Antonio in October is definitely one of the highlights for our city in fall. At Rainbow Gardens we strive to have a well-supplied nursery full of host and nectar plants for all the butterflies that live or pass through our great city. Learn more about our city’s dedication to the Monarch butterfly and how you can help by planting a butterfly garden here: Fall Butterfly Gardening In San Antonio. With milkweed being the only host plant for the Monarchs, we work hard to have them available so the city can plant more and battle their declining population. We offer tons of pollinator-friendly plants, as well one of the largest selections of native plants that you can find in San Antonio. Be sure to join us at our Bandera location in October for our Monarch Butterfly seminar and SeedBomb Workshop. Tap the links to R.S.V.P. and reserve your spot!

tagged monarch butterfly from fall seminar at rainbow gardens(Monarch butterfly that was tagged to track it’s migration.)

SAWS Fall WaterSaver Landscape Coupons are in full swing by now. If you haven’t heard of this amazing program the San Antonio Water System has to offer residents of our city, it’s time you learn all about it. This is truly an offer you shouldn’t ignore. You can enroll in the SAWS WaterSaver Landscape program to earn a $100 coupon to be used towards water-saving plants that are specially approved and picked because of their hardiness and low water requirements in our San Antonio climate. Rainbow Gardens makes it easy for you to find your SAWS-approved plants at our nursery. Just ask a staff member to point the way, or assist you if you need help picking them out. Enrollment for the fall program ends October 15th 2018, and you MUST redeem your coupons by November 11th. Bonus…there is an extra $50 mulch coupon that SAWS is offering for those who complete the program and submit pictures for approval. See the page on our site dedicated to SAWS and all you need to know to enroll, follow, and redeem: SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Program.

SAWS fall WaterSaver approved plants collage(Just a few of the beauties you can choose for the fall SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Program.)

Save the Date for our Fall Festival at our Bandera location, October 13th from 10AM-3PM. It’s our 7th annual Fall Festival and it just keeps getting bigger and better every year. We have tons of fall fun for the entire family, something for everyone. So come out and enjoy our vendors, food trucks, face painting, petting zoo, pet adoptions, refreshments, and way too many things to list. Our last Kids Garden Club class of the year will be held on that day too, so don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Fall Festival Rainbow Gardens Bandera

Fall lawn maintenance sometimes gets overlooked but it is imperative that it is attended to. Fall fertilizing/winterizing is a very important step when it comes to a healthy, vibrant lawn in all seasons. Fall fertilizing/winterizing helps your lawn continue to grow strong roots and aides in early green-up in the spring. By feeding your lawn at least twice a year, you encourage a consistently healthy lawn which is your absolute BEST DEFENSE against weeds, fungus and insect issues. We’ve made it easy to stay on a schedule if you follow our  Rainbow Gardens Lawn Fertilizer Guide.

green healthy grass from fall fertilizing(Healthy turf is a result of a consistent fertilizing schedule even in fall.)

A fungus could be among us! Lawn fungus issues love to rear their heads around this time of year. The cooler, wetter weather of fall is the perfect breeding ground for them. See our Rainbow Gardens Lawn Fungus Prevention and Treatment Guide to know what to be on the look out for what fungus issues attack our San Antonio lawns. And take note, DON’T water in the evenings. It’s always best to water in the morning, but in the cooler temps of fall, it is a must to prevent fungal issues.

fall brown patch in turf example from the extension service(Ward off Brown Patch in your turf by following our recommendations in our guide mentioned above.)