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Featured Plants And Products


Picture of ceramic frog

Something old something new plants and products we want to share with you.  Plants you know, or haven’t seen, and then the others in between.

We’ll bring you information on plants and products that we are featuring each month. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

August Featured Plants and Products:

This month we are featuring EVERYTHING at the nurseries. That’s right, EVERYTHING! Because August is Bonus Bucks redemption month, every item in our store is special. This is the time to get whatever you’ve been saving up for, whatever you’ve had you’re eye on. Apply the bonus bucks you received during spring and use them for up to half off your purchase!


This is one of our favorite months in our nurseries as we love to see what you choose to spend your Bonus Bucks on. Bonus Bucks redemption days are our way of saying thanks and giving back to you. So enjoy, and happy spending!