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Rainbow Gardens has been serving the gardeners of South Texas with our two garden centers in San Antonio since 1976. Through the years, we’ve developed these park-like sites into garden centers that offer more choices for the home gardener than any other garden center in the region. Our professional staff has decades of experience, helping novice and master gardeners alike. We offer a diverse selection of plants and products that will make your garden experience complete.

The best selection in South Texas!

Inventory changes daily, please call your local Rainbow Gardens for current inventory.

Green Goods

Annuals & Perennials

Rainbow Gardens offers an extensive selection of annual and perennial color for all seasons. Find the perfect plants for sun or shade in a wide range of beautiful colors and textures. We have the largest selection of perennials in south Texas and specialize in xeriscape and SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupon varieties.

Trees & Shrubs

Our tree yard has a huge selection of shade and ornamental trees, including native varieties. Find your CPS Green Shade Rebate trees here! Our shrub inventory is one of the most complete in the region. Whether you need a dwarf specimen or privacy hedge, we can help find the perfect shrub for your landscape needs.


You’ll find roses from America’s top rose breeders here. Weeks, Star, David Austin, and Certified Roses are represented. You can choose from KnockOuts, Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Grandifloras, Miniatures, Climbers and Antiques at Rainbow Gardens.

Fruit & Nuts

If you are looking to grow your own fruit and nut trees, Rainbow Gardens is the place to go. We carry orchard varieties recommended for our region and also tropical and citrus varieties. You’ll find top quality pecans, walnuts and more.

Grapes & Berries

Yes, you can grow grapes and berries here in San Antonio. We carry the varieties that offer the best chances of success. Browse the selections and read up on our informational signs for growing tips.


Our herb inventory is extensive. Along with multiple varieties of common herbs, we also carry hard to find herbs that no one else stocks. Bump up your culinary game with exciting new herbs; or plant some in your perennial or annual gardens. Many herbs are gorgeous as ornamentals.


We sell over a hundred vegetable varieties, including Texas A&M favorites and heirlooms. In south Texas we have multiple growing seasons so we’re able to grow veggies practically year round. Come see us for help with what to plant and when to plant it.


Seeds for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and wildflowers are available all year long. Our seed racks are heavy on varieties tailored to do well here in south Texas. We also carry cereal rye, annual rye, and Bermuda grass seed for your lawn needs.

Water Plants

Looking to add some more interest to your ponds or other water features? Come to Rainbow Gardens March through September, when we have our best selection of water plants available.

Ornamental Grasses

Rainbow Gardens is the go-to nursery for these beauties with their showy plumes. Ornamental grasses offer texture and dimension to your landscapes. They are highly sought after plants due to their beauty and ease of care.

Yucca, Palms, & Cacti

Yucca and cactus are always a hit here in San Antonio. New varieties are always being introduced; so visit Rainbow Gardens if you want to add these xeriscape and evergreen beauties to your landscape. Creating a backyard oasis? We have a great selection of palms. From hearty Sago and Pygmy palms to majestic, towering Mediterranean palms. You’ll find your perfect palm here.

Hard Goods

Potting Soil

Potting soil is specially formulated to drain properly and not get waterlogged when planting in containers. Enjoy our selections of local and national brands. Premium quality potting soils offer premium results.

Specialty Soil & Products

Enhance the quality of your landscape with specialty soil products. Soil conditioners, specialized garden soils, cotton burr, peat moss and more can do wonders to improve our alkaline, and limestone soils in San Antonio.

Compost & Mulch

Providing nutrients to your gardens through organic matter like composts and mulches is one of the easiest ways to enrich your soil, and it should be done each planting season. Our bagged products make it easy for you to bring home what your gardens need.

Lawn & Plant Fertilizer

Whether you prefer organic or synthetic fertilizer, we’ve got your turf and entire garden covered. We carry multiple brands of fertilizer formulated for specific plants. Specialized nutrients are also available for specific needs. Our own brand of fertilizers, Rainbow Gardens 19-5-9 (spring) and 18-6-12 (fall), are specially formulated for our region.

Pest, Disease, & Weed Control

We carry many types of insect, disease and weed control products, both organic and synthetic. Come to us with pictures and samples of your problems (in plastic bags, please), and we can help you get the right products for what you need.

Garden Tools & Accessories

From bypass pruners, shovels and water hoses, to gloves, weed fabric and everything in between, we aim to carry the tools and accessories you need to be able to take care of your landscape.

Fountains, Statuary, & BirdBaths

When you really want to make a statement, a fountain, statue, or beautiful birdbath might just do the trick. We restock yearly and carry a wide variety so we can offer you a great selection to choose from.

Decorative Rock & Pavers

Rainbow Gardens has a variety of decorative rock packaged in convenient bags. Brick patio pavers, edging, and stepping stones in a variety of shapes and colors are available at both locations. These decorative additions can make beautiful pathways and edging through or around your gardens.

Glazed Pottery, Terracotta, & Plastic Pots

Our beautiful selections of containers at Rainbow Gardens comes in practically every color of the, well, rainbow! With our extensive variety of size, shape and texture, you are sure to find the perfect pot for your gorgeous plants. We also carry a smaller selection of handcrafted Mexican Talavera pottery at factory-to-you pricing.

Fairy Garden Accessories

Fairy gardens are fun for all ages. You’ll find the perfect pots and miniscule plants, along with all the fun, fairy accessories you need to create a miniature garden that will delight your inner child.

Garden Art & Gifts

Rainbow Gardens knows it feels great to find that special piece of garden art or the perfect fit for the gardeners in your life. Whether it’s a feeder for the birds, a colorful metal art piece, or the sound of music in the air from wind chimes, you’re sure to find something you can’t go home without.

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Spring - Fall Hours

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Sun: 10AM - 5PM

Winter Hours

(Mid Nov - Mid Feb)

Mon - Sat: 9AM - 5PM

Sun: 10AM - 5PM

Holiday Hours May Vary

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