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Rainbow Gardens Monthly Featured Plants & Products:

San Antonio is about to experience one of the best seasons to plant a wide variety of plants, trees, shrubs, and vegetables. September is fall planting time! We’ve got fall on the brain, and we are so excited that the absolute best time of year to plant has arrived! We are bringing in fall and winter veggie transplants, gorgeous fall perennials, and colorful fall annuals. We’re focusing on getting your lawns in prime condition by stocking our pre-emergent products and our winterizing formula for fertilizing your turf. Come visit Rainbow Gardens and see what’s new for you! It’s fall, yall!

fall is for planting brochure with plants Strawberries are here and it’s the best time of the year to plant them in San Antonio. We’ve got the new Texas Superstar variety, Festival, so come get them while we’ve got ’em. Check out our Strawberry Handout for tips on growing these juicy berries in Texas.


Wildflower seeds can be planted now to November. Don’t wait until spring to plant them, cause you’ll be pretty disappointed in the turnout. Bluebonnet transplants in spring, yes, seeds no. For a chance to make something really cool with wildflowers,  join us at our Bandera location in October 27th 11AM-12PM to roll wildflower seeds up in a clay mixture and make seedbombs. This is always a fun workshop, so make sure you R.S.V.P. so you don’t miss out.

Fall and Winter Veggies: Each week we are bringing in trucks filled with delicious fresh veggies for you to keep adding to your vegetable gardens. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussels sprouts, lettuces, beans, and the list goes on and on. Our stock changes weekly and even daily. Come soon for the best selections because fall is for planting! Don’t miss Uprooted Gardens at Thousand Oaks, Sept 29th, 2PM. They’ll be giving us the ins and out of fall container planting.


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Fall really is for planting! Matter of fact, it’s the absolute BEST time for planting trees, shrubs, woody perennials, bulbs, and wildflowers! Anything that gets planted in fall has a much better chance at surviving through next summer. Remember how bad this last summer was? If you are making any plans to add to your landscape, we highly suggest doing it in fall.

tree yard at Rainbow gardens for fall planting

Winterizing Fertilizer 18-6-12 is in both stores and ready to help you fertilize your turf throughout the fall and help it become mean, green, and strong for spring. Apply late September to mid October, and get yourself on that schedule to follow up each year spring and fall. Remember, your best defense against weeds is a tough, tight, healthy turf that will choke them out!