Green Good Inventory


Rainbow Gardens offers an extensive selection of seasonal color– annual flowers for spring, summer, fall and winter gardens.  Find the perfect plants for sun or shade in a wide range of bright, beautiful  colors and textures. If you have very specific needs, we will be happy to work with you.  We can special  order larger quantities of flowers if we have a little advance notice.


Perennials are flowering plants that return year after year. We have the largest selection of perennials in South Texas and specialize in xeriscape perennials–flowers that need less water during our hot summer months.  Signs for each plant offer important information, including light and water requirements, plant size,  color and time of bloom, hummingbird or butterfly  friendly, and whether or not the plant is deer resistant.


Rainbow Gardens offers roses from America’s top rose breeders. Weeks, Star, David Austin, and Certified Roses are all represented here. We also stock many of the Earthkind roses selected by Texas A& M University for their toughness and vigor in Texas landscapes. Visit us at the end of March each year and be amazed by thousands of beautiful, blooming roses.


We stock over forty varieties of shade and ornamental trees. Many of our trees are native to this area and are very heat and drought resistant once established. We also have more uncommon choices for customers looking for that special accent tree. Check out our large selection and make the perfect choice for your yard or project. We also offer tree delivery and planting services for an additional charge if you live in the San Antonio metroplex.


Our shrub inventory is one of the most complete in the region.  From broadleaf evergreen and deciduous shrubs to conifers, bananas, and bamboo,  you’ll find something here to suit your taste and budget. Most of the plants we select do well in our soil and we can advise you about plants that may have special soil requirements.  Our crape myrtle inventory is extensive and we select the very best varieties for San Antonio.


We have a great selection of palms. From hearty Sago palms to Pygmy palms. You can choose from our variations sizes and fronds and find the perfect palm to enhance your landscape oasis.


We pick Texas A&M recommended varieties and give you lots of choices.  Apples, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, figs, nectarines, pomegranates, and persimmons. And the list keeps growing. We stock tropical fruit trees as well including all of the popular citrus varieties and more exotic choices like mangoes, avocados, and guavas.


We sell many varieties of grape and berries.  Many of the grapes are Pierce disease-resistant varieties. Some of the grapes are suitable for wine-making and others are perfect for eating fresh off the vine.  We have thorny and thornless blackberries, several kinds of raspberries, and the best blueberry choices for the southern United States.


Our herb inventory is large. In addition to many kinds of basil, lavender, rosemary, oregano, mint and thyme, we have less common and harder to find plants that no one else carries.  The selection of herbs is always changing and the most different varieties are available in the spring and the fall.  We offer workshops during the spring to help customers enjoy the magic of gardening with herbs.


After tomatoes, what other vegetable is there?  There are lots and you will find many great choices at Rainbow Gardens.  We sell over a hundred vegetable varieties;  including Texas A&M favorites and heirloom plants from long ago.  Many are organically grown.  Vegetable gardening is a year round endeavor in South Texas and we have the right plants for your garden at the right time for planting. 


We stock seeds from several important sources, including Ferry Morris, Burpee, Botanical Interests, and Wildseed Farms. Seeds for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and wildflowers are available all year long and we have two complete seed changes a year–once in February and once in September. All our seeds are selected for the southern part of the United States to help ensure your gardening success.  We also carry cereal rye, annual rye, and bermuda grass seed.


Rainbow Gardens carries many different types of water garden plants, including bog plants, water lilies, and aquatic grasses.  These plants are usually available from March through September. We also have pond liner, pumps, algae removal products, and fertilizer that is safe for fish.  We also stock ceramic bowls and basins so you can create your own mini water garden oasis.


Our variety of ornamental grasses is really something to be proud of. We carry multiple varieties of fountain grass with their showy plumes,  muhly’s varying in color like the cool blue/green foliage of Linheimer Muhly or the fern-like foliage of the Bamboo Muhly , and our Fireworks grass with its vibrant pinkish-red spikes is a show stopper in anyone’s yard.


A very popular standard in many San Antonio landscapes is the yucca and cactus.  And with its high heat resistant qualities and the fact that it is evergreen it is no wonder why. There are more varieties than you can imagine and it would be well worth a visit to the nursery to check out these great additions to your xeriscape plans.

Our inventory is constantly changing and being updated. For specific inquiries, please email us at our Contact Us page, or come in to the stores to see what we have.