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Enjoy the world of wee people by creating your own fairy garden and delight the inner child that lives in all of us.  These miniature worlds start with fairies, houses, garden structures, and more. Small plants are added  to complete the look.  Whether you create a small garden in a flower pot  or something on a grander scale, it is sure to fascinate young and old alike.  Visit Rainbow Gardens for all your fairy gardening needs.



Come check out our lights, growing media, hydroponic kits, and fertilizers.  You can grow plants indoors or in a greenhouse during the winter months.  We carry a large selection of carefully chosen merchandise from Hydrofarms and other hydroponic suppliers.  If you don’t see what you are looking for just ask one of our employees.  Many additional items are available by special order.



Potting soil is specially formulated to drain properly and not get waterlogged when putting plants in containers.  We carry many different local and national brands at many different price points.  What is true with many things, is especially true with potting soil–you get what you pay for.  Better quality potting soils have extra ingredients (like perlite, vermiculite, lava sand, and charcoal) in measurable quantities to keep the soil properly drained and fresh for years to come.



We proudly carry Fox Farm soil products at both of our locations. This organic soil is chock full of beneficial microbes and fungi that help break down organic matter and feed the plant roots. The proof is in the pudding here. We’ve done many soil tests ourselves at the nursery and Fox Farm always comes out on top with spectacular results. Look for their specialty potting soils, grower mix, soil conditioner, and liquid products too.



Compost is rotted organic material and is added to clay or sandy soils to improve aeration, drainage, and (in the case of sandy soils) water retention.  Composts made from manure products also have a lot of nutrients that help plants grow and produce flowers and fruit.  Rainbow Gardens has a lot of compost choices and will recommend the right one for your garden project. Mulch may be an organic product like chipped or shredded bark or it can be made of rubber or synthetic materials.  It is used to hold moisture in the soil, keep the root zone of plants cooler, to suppress weed growth and to give landscapes a manicured and  finished look.  We carry a complete line of bagged mulches for all  your gardening needs.



Rainbow Gardens has decorative rock available in bags and in bulk.  Choices usually include lava rock, white marble chips, pea gravel, egg rock and decomposed granite. These rocks make a pathways through or around your garden.



We also carry larger pieces of rock and flagstone (flagstone when available, only at Bandera location) that are suitable for constructing patios, creating borders, and other decorative landscape projects. Most of these material are sold by weight and may need to be weighed at the time of purchase. We also have a nice selection of brick patio pavers, brick edging, and stepping stones in different shapes and colors at both locations.



We have a large and colorful selection of glazed pottery.  We purchase container loads of pottery from China, Malaysia, and Vietnam and offer it to you at reduced container load prices.  Our inventory is always changing, so check back often for the newest colors, shapes, and sizes.  We also carry a smaller selection of handcrafted Mexican talavera pottery at factory to you pricing.



A carefully chosen wind chime creates a special mood in any outdoor living space.  The best  chimes are tuned and play music in a very melodic way.  Our  selection of wind chimes is constantly changing and we offer many brands from which to choose.  From heavy cast aluminum to chimes made of glass or shells, we have something to fit every taste and budget.



Our gift buyers work with many vendors and offer a large selection of garden art suitable for indoor and outdoor displays.   Some of the merchandise is seasonal and much of it is perfect for use all year long.  New products show up weekly, so there is always something new to look at when you visit our stores.  Figurines, gazing balls, banners and wind socks, stained glass, birdhouses, and birdfeeders are a few of the many choices we have available.



Most of our fountains are made of concrete or resin and come from several manufacturers.  The more detailed pieces are usually made of resin and need some protection from the sun.  They are often suitable for use indoors in a garden room or similar setting  as well as outdoors.  Concrete pieces are usually used outside and often weigh a substantial amount.  A proper foundation is a must for heavier pieces.



Check out our large assortment of concrete and resin statues.  We carry decorative, whimsical, and religious statues of all kinds.  From rabbits and turtles to angels and St Francis, we have something to add that finishing touch to every garden.   Need an elf riding a pig?  You’ll find it and other interesting garden statues at both Rainbow Garden locations.



No yard would be complete without a birdbath and we have one of the best selections in South Texas.  Choose from many available styles made from concrete, metal ,or glass.  We also carry concrete birdbath tops for those who need to replace a broken top and stands for birdbaths made of glass.



Our own brand of fertilizer, Rainbow Gardens, 19-5-9 is especially formulated for our region.  One of the best ways to prevent weeds is by having a healthy lawn. We carry the Spring formula and the Fall formula so get your lawn on a regular feeding schedule and choke out those weeds.



We carry many types of insect, disease and weed control products, both organic and non-organic.  Plus we have years of experience identifying problems with appropriate solutions suggested.  We will never sell you something you don’t need.



Come browse our selection of garden tools. We carry multiple brands and you are sure to find something you need to make your gardening successful. From bypass pruners, shovels, and water hoses to gloves, garden shoes and everything in between. We are always getting new shipments so come on in and take a look.

Our inventory is constantly changing and being updated. For specific inquiries, please email us at our Contact Us page, or come in to the stores to see what we have.