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Kids Garden Club event: Mother's Day Hanging Baskets.

Kids Gardening Events: Rainbow Gardens Kids Garden Club

We can’t say enough about our kids gardening program here at Rainbow Gardens. Our Kids Garden Club was created so that we could share our gardening experiences with the younger generations. We hope to inspire a lifetime interest and love for gardening. Through our fun, interactive, and attention-grabbing classes and events, your children will learn all about the many exciting aspects of kids gardening. From plants and how to take care of them, to learning about the importance of our pollinators and how to identify them, our classes will offer a fun, learning environment that we hope will have them asking to come back for more. We would love you to join us for any of our Kids Garden Club events. The spaces fill up quick, so make your reservations as soon as you can. Get your kids gardening at a young age and offer them a hobby and passion that can last a lifetime.

Please RSVP and Register for our kids gardening events online through our event calendar.

We ask that you please adhere to our policies so that we can provide your children with a quality and fun-filled learning experience. Our goal is to have every child be able to participate in our kids gardening events, so we have developed these policies to help us reach that goal. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Kids Gardening Club Scarecrow Pots

Kids Gardening Club Policies

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Photos may be taken during our Kids Garden Club classes and events. These photos may or may not be included on Rainbow Gardens website, and other social media platforms. On the day of the events, you must state if you do not wish to have your child in pictures pertaining to the class or event. We love to see and share the excitement on children’s faces as they are enjoying themselves at our kids gardening events; but we will respect your wishes if you choose not to be included.

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