Beneficial Insects: Natural Pest Control

Ladybugs are a beneficial insect used for natural pest control

Each year there is a greater demand for natural pest control among organic gardeners. Whether they desire to keep plants pesticide free to do their part in protecting the environment for the many pollinators that live in and visit our city, or they desire to stay true to a holistic philosophy they subscribe to, they choose the least toxic solution available to them. The use of beneficial insects as a form of natural pest control, allows these gardeners to be confident that they are completely organic in their gardening endeavors.

Organic pesticide aisle at Rainbow Gardens for natural pest control

Both of our Rainbow Gardens locations in San Antonio, carry a wide range of organic options for gardening, including but not limited to: soils, composts, mulches, fertilizers, and even some specialty plants brought in from organic farmers. We carry multiple lines of low-toxicity pesticides in our organic sections, but to go completely organic is to not use ANY type of pesticide.

Beneficial Insects Carried Seasonally At Rainbow Gardens

Beneficial insects ladybug and praying mantis

This is where beneficial insects come in to do the dirty work for you. Beneficial insects are truly the most natural type of pest control. Rainbow Gardens carries these specific beneficial insects on a seasonal basis: beneficial nematodes, ladybugs, and praying mantids. Microscopic, beneficial nematodes tackle soil-dwelling pests like grubs, fleas, beetles and more, while ladybugs swoop in with their voracious appetites to devour aphids, mealybugs and spider mites. Praying mantis capture and chew up grasshoppers, wasps, and flies that pester. Some other beneficial insects (not carried by Rainbow Gardens) are: Bees (you need them to pollinate your gardens), Earthworms (aerate your soil and provide natural, perfectly neutral pH balanced compost, Green lacewings (aphid lovers too), Dragonflies (they love mosquitoes).

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