San Antonio Texas Local Gardening Resources and Experts

Rainbow Gardens is a big supporter of all of our local San Antonio gardening and agriculture experts. We are thrilled to have such amazing resources right here in our amazing city. These gardening experts love nothing more than to share their knowledge with new and novice San Antonio gardeners alike.

We wanted to create a valuable resource library for you to access when you have specific gardening inquiries relating to these resource specialties. You can always contact us for help with your gardening needs, but these resources might just have the best answer for specific inquiries. Take advantage of the amazing knowledge and help these local gardening and agriculture experts are willing to share.

CPS: Great rebate program for shade trees planted in San Antonio. See link for details.


“CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned utility, providing service to 840,750 electric and 352,585 natural gas customers in Bexar County.”
Website is to provide you, our customers, with news, weather-related outage updates and information on ways to save energy and money.
Compost Queens logo

Compost Queens:

We help our community compost organic material keeping it out of the landfill by turning it into organic matter that creates healthier soil and healthier plants. 

Using this abundant resource of food waste to replenish the soil creates more sustainable food and economic cycles. 

 Compost Queens creates a difference in community perceptions and habits involving food, waste, and sustainability. 

We offer years of experience in gardening and a passion for reducing waste in our community. 
 We utilize our experience to feed the soil, build gardens and connect community members. 


The Nectar Bar: 

“The Nectar Bar is dedicated to the conservation of our pollinators. Our purpose is to create a hands-on learning experience about butterflies and other pollinators, the native plants they so desperately need to survive, and the benefits they bring to a healthy habitat.
‘The more you know, the more you grow’, I like to say. 
We offer education seminars, Pollinator garden landscaping, Garden consulting & Design, Host plants & Nectar plants.”

San Antonio Bonsai Society:

“The San Antonio Bonsai Society (SABS) was founded in 1973 with the purpose of sharing the enjoyment of growing, collecting, and displaying bonsai with as many people as possible.

SABS meets at 7:00 pm the second Thursday of each month at the Lions Field Adult and Senior Citizens Center located at 2809 Broadway in San Antonio. This meeting generally consists of a lecture/demonstration on a particular topic/technique of bonsai.

Hands-on workshops are held on the second Saturday of each month and at 7:00 pm on the fourth Wednesday of every other month (see website for schedule, location, and topic).”

San Antonio Herb Society:

“The San Antonio Herb Society was formed in 1983 with the goals of sharing knowledge in planting, growing, harvesting and using herbs for cooking, scenting, decoration, and healing. Currently, the SAHS has over 130 members.

​The society participates in many area gardening events throughout the year, including the Herb Market in October. We support the herb gardens at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.”

San Antonio Rose Society:

“The San Antonio Rose Society of San Antonio, Texas, is a non-profit educational organization affiliated with the American Rose Society.

The rose is considered to be the queen of all flowers, and is our official national floral emblem. The objective of the society is to promote interest in all aspects of rose culture through a variety of educational programs and publications, rose shows, and rose-related community projects.”



“Through outdoor conservation programs such as our WaterSaver Landscape coupons and educational programs that reach out to all San Antonians, we want to encourage residents to conserve. This saves you money on your water bill while helping to preserve our precious water supplies.”

Water saving landscape coupons and rewards programs for the city of San Antonio, updates on water restrictions, San Antonio garden tips at, and other water saving tips in general from the experts.


TAMU Agriculture Extension Service:

“Through the application of science-based knowledge, we create high-quality, relevant, continuing education that encourages lasting and effective change.

We provide programs, tools and resources – local and statewide – that teach people how to improve agriculture and food production, advance health practices, protect the environment, strengthen our communities, and enrich youth.”

Be sure to check out their new Youtube channel, MyExtension210, featuring Garden and Pest archived webinars.


Texas Beekeepers Association: 

“The Texas Beekeepers Association aims to serve the beekeepers of the state through Sustainability, Education, Innovation & Passion.

The Texas Beekeepers Association is a member based organization representative of commercial, sideliner, and hobbyist beekeepers, as well as scientists, educators and other individuals interested in the promotion and preservation of honey bees and beekeeping in the State of Texas.”


Texas Red Worms:

“We enjoy raising worms and turning food scraps into nutrient-dense castings (worm manure) to enhance soil and make compost tea for gardens, plants, lawns, and pasture.  Texas Red Worms provides worm farming tips, healthy worms, and can set you up with your own worm farm.  Texas Red Worms has farms in San Antonio and Livingston, Texas. provides you the easiest way to start composting with Red Worms (vermicomposting) today.  Our shoebox-sized, ready made Starter Farm provides everything you need: an established bin with bedding, food, & worms, to produce nutrient-rich castings for your plants and soil, and a thriving, breeding brood of Texas raised red worms (eisenia foetida): nature’s best composter.”


Uprooted Gardens: Experts at raised bed and container gardening. Also offer maintenance programs for both residential and commercial gardens.

“This business was formed in 2016 by Nick & Liz Campanella with the idea that everyone can grow something edible somewhere. We believe that with a little help and good soil, anyone can grow their own food! Through a personal journey of gardening in South Texas, and volunteering in multiple organizations, the need for something like Uprooted Gardens was recognized by two green-thumbed, love birds. The both of them share a love for all things green and are overwhelmingly excited to share their passion for edible gardening with their hometown.”