There are multiple reasons to add vines to a San Antonio landscape. Vines can provide privacy, block strong winds, provide shade, absorb noise, and offer seasonal color. There are a multitude of gorgeous vines to choose from at Rainbow Gardens, but today we are honing in on some of our favorite woody perennial vines. We’ll highlight a few favorites and maybe you’ll find you want to try planting one or two of these vines this fall.

5 Favorite Perennial Vines For San Antonio

Confederate Star Jasmine: A favorite here in San Antonio, this very fragrant vine really shows off in springtime. White, pinwheel-like flowers positively cover this vine, offering anyone within its a vicinity a delightful sniff of its sweet scent. Confederate Star Jasmine is also desired for its evergreen status in the landscape. One of our more compact vines, growing about 15′ x 15′ (yes, this is compact when it comes to vines), these vines look great climbing up pillars, light posts, and even in an extra-large pot with a trellis.

Vines like Confederate Jasmine are favorites for San Antonio.

Evergreen Wisteria: When this wisteria produces its flowers in summer, it is truly one of the most beautiful vines in bloom! Richly-hued, deep-purple flowers drip in long panicles from tendrils shooting off the vine. True to its name, this wisteria is an evergreen vine, providing dark-green foliage during the winter when many other vines have died back to the ground. Grows 10′ x 10′ in sun to part sun areas. Evergreen wisteria is not particular to soil type, and has no significant problems with any particular insect or disease.

Vines like evergreen wisteria are favorites in San Antonio.

Carolina Jessamine: For sunshine-yellow blooms on a compact (10′-15′ tall x 5′-8′ wide), evergreen vine, you can’t go wrong choosing Carolina Jessamine. The tubular flowers are also highly fragrant adding to the vine’s draw to many landscapes. Hummingbirds flock to the trumpet shaped blooms for nectar early spring through summer. Carolina Jessamine is drought tolerant once established and very heat tolerant. Plant in sun to part shade.

Vines like Carolina Jessamine are favorites in San Antonio.

Trumpetcreeper: This big, bold, deciduous vine produces extra-large, tubular flowers in shades of red or yellow, depending on the variety (we love the red hue of “Madame Galen”). Growing to a mature height of about 15′ tall x 30′ wide, this vine can turn a bland fence into a stunning showpiece with its sheer amount of blooms produced throughout summer. Will die back in the winter, but resurface again come springtime.

Vines like trumpetcreeper are favorites in San Antonio.

Sweet Autumn Clematis: Fragrant, vanilla-scented, white blooms appear in clusters in late summer/early fall. This is a fast growing vine that after blooming will need to be cut back severely. Sweet Autumn Clematis attracts butterflies and bees with its blooms making it a good choice for attracting all the pollinators that arrive during fall in San Antonio. This vine grows and average of 15′ x 15′ and will die back in the winter but return in spring. These vines do best when roots are shaded and vines are in the sun; part shade in the hottest hours of the afternoon is best.

Vines like Sweet Autumn Clematis are favorites in San Antonio.

These are just a few of the perennial vines that could be a delightful addition to your San Antonio landscape. Rainbow Gardens also carries tropical and annual vines for seasonal color and interest. Get twining and grow vertical with a beautiful vine.

~The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy