Rainbow Gardens is gearing up for fall’s amazing season full of wildflowers and pollinators. Take a look at the dates we have reserved for some exciting events. We sure hope you’ll be able to join us.

Did you know you that in order to enjoy the beautiful wildflowers that San Antonio boasts in spring, they must be planted in fall? That means it’s time to get areas prepped, seeds bought, and wildflowers put into the soil! Wildflowers provide the pollinators of San Antonio with nectar and fuel. With the ever-expanding construction projects in the city, we need more and more help replenishing our wildflowers and providing our pollinators with much needed sustenance.

Our dream is to have the entire city taking part in any pollinator partnership program they can find. To make it easier to do your own part in replenishing the wildflowers in your area, mid-month we will have available our ¼ lb. portioned out bags of Hill Country Pollinator Mix wildflower seeds. This sized bag is perfect for a 500 sq. ft. area.  Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs featuring information about the amazing wildflowers that these seeds in our Hill Country Pollinator Mix. Check out the list of seeds and start with Part 1 in our blogs series here.

Here at Rainbow Gardens we are more than eager to help you with all the details you need to successfully grow wildflowers. We’ll be featuring multiple wildflower and pollinator blogs these next couple of months so you can be informed about the wildflowers native to our city, and know which plants are the best host and nectar sources for our pollinators. We also hope everyone will join us at our expert-led seminar we have scheduled for October 5th with John R. Thomas, founder and owner of Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Following the Wildflower seminar, we’ll have our Seedbomb Workshop. We’ll make seedbombs (a mixture of clay, soil, and native wildflower seeds) that will naturally break down over a period of time, germinate, and grow into gorgeous wildflowers that will offer the pollinators of San Antonio a smorgasbord of nectar. This workshop is always a ton of fun. Come get your hands dirty and roll up wildflower seedbombs. Be sure to click the link to reserve your spot!

Rainbow Gardens is very excited to be taking part in the 2019 Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival that will take place in the historic Pearl District right here in our amazing city. The festival takes place Oct 12-20th, which jut so happens to coincide with peak migration time of the Monarch butterflies. Rainbow Gardens will be down in the mix on the 20th, right at the height of the festival. We’ll be doing our part to educate the city about the need for pollinator plants and we’ll be raffling off some butterfly condominiums that include a pollinator plant as well. Come support the Monarch butterflies and all the amazing pollinators in our great city of San Antonio. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

And last but not least, do not miss our Monarch Butterfly Class (with live Monarch tagging) on October 26th, at our Bandera location. You will learn so much about San Antonio’s favorite butterfly from Drake White, Certified Master Naturalist and Project Manager for the Butterfly Learning Center at Phil Hardberger Park. In the past we’ve been luck enought to see Drake properly tag a Monarch butterfly and offer our best wishes as we release the Monarch to make its amazing journey to Mexico!

So save the above dates folks! You DON’T want wildflower season passing you by, and you DO want the Monarchs and pollinators stopping by!

~The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy