SAWS WaterSaver Coupons Step by Step

(A few of our favorite SAWS approved plants.)

In an effort to clear up any confusion, and avoid possible frustration, here is the step by step process to the SAWS WaterSaving Landscape Coupon:

1. Go to SAWS.ORG

2. Find ‘Conservation’ tab on home page, and click ‘Outdoor Programs and Rebates’

3. Click the tab titled ‘WaterSaver Landscape and Patioscape coupons’

4. READ the requirements and fine print. (Especially the part where it says the coupon will only cover “a portion of the cost”.)

5. Click the “Apply Now” orange box that is to the right of the page. You will need your SAWS account number, and a working email to apply for the coupon.

6. Wait for your confirmation email that will be sent within a week to your email you used when you applied for the coupon.

7. When you receive your confirmation email, and are ready to shop, make sure you bring your mobile device with you when you come to pick out your plants as this is the only way we will be able to enter our vendor ID to validate your coupon and for you to be able to redeem it. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PHONE WITH YOU AT THE TIME OF PURCHASING YOUR PLANTS.

8. Pick out 15 SAWS approved plants and trees in any combination. You must select 15. These plants will be in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers. No substitutes. See link at bottom of post.

9. Redeem your coupon by showing it on your mobile device and allowing our cashiers to enter our vendor ID into the appropriate section. WE CANNOT ACCEPT PRINTED OUT VERSIONS  OR SCREENSHOTS OF YOUR EMAILED COUPON. SAWS WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM, SO WE CANNOT ACCEPT THEM.

10. After coupon is redeemed, pay for remaining balance. Remember, the SAWS coupon is designed to only cover a portion of the cost. The balance you are responsible for depends on which combination of plants you choose for your landscape.

11. Go home and remove 200 sq. ft. of grass and remove all irrigation heads/driplines in the bed or patio area before planting.

12. Plant your beautiful water-saving plants and trees and enjoy savings and beauty year after year.

That’s all folks! There is not much to it, but it must be followed the way SAWS has set it up. Help us help you by taking time to read about and understanding the program and all of its requirements. Check out the following links for more useful info about your SAWS WaterSaving Landscape Coupons. Enjoy our beautiful planting seasons and make sure to come spend them with us!

SAWS Approved Plant List

SAWS Free Irrigation Consultation or call 210-704-SAVE

How to remove your 200 sq. ft. of turf

WaterSaver Design Layouts


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