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Don’t let those Bonus Bucks go to waste!

It happens. Every year. The wailing drifts up to the computer office from the downstairs register. The sound is so sorrowful, gut wrenching, and there is not a thing I can do about it. I peek over the railing and see the wide-eyed surprise first, then┬áthe confusion, the anger, and finally┬áthe resigned sadness. It’s the moment when a few of our dear customers realize they missed out on the month …Read More

Ode to Bonus Bucks

Ode to Bonus Bucks The time is upon us, we are overcome with joy. Like children receiving a brand new toy. We’ve waited so long, we’ve been counting the days; and now we are grateful in so many ways. On the 1st day of August, when we open our doors, the stampeding of feet will pound over our floors. We will welcome you in, with a wink and smile; and …Read More