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Milkweed and Aphids: Nature takes its course

Milkweed and aphids, they just go hand in hand. If you’ve brought milkweed into your gardens to help support the Monarch population, chances are, you’ve had to put up with aphids. And having to put up with them is really all you can do sometimes. These little, yellow insects converge under the leaves and line themselves up the stems, making your milkweed look like a super highway crammed with little …Read More

A list of fantastic color for the heat.

Although we have been tricked a little by the rain into thinking our summer temperatures aren’t all that bad, the heat is inevitable and will be blasting it’s way into our gardens before you know it. We’ve gotten so use to the rain doing our watering for us that we’ve gotten out of the habit and one day we will be surprised to come home and find our spring annual …Read More