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Protecting Early Fall Tomato Transplants

So you’ve taken the (not so subtle) hints that we’ve been shoving down your throat about the need to prep your gardens to be ready for fall veggie planting. You’ve prepped your gardens (Fall Garden Prep), you’ve browsed the tomato and pepper aisles and are ready to get them in your gardens to take advantage of the short window we have for planting another round of warm weather veggies. Planting …Read More

It’s raining, it’s pouring, my peppers look so boring!

This spring has sure been a wet one! Last spring I tried to battle growing tomatoes against the cloudy, wet weather and failed miserably. The sun didn’t come out long enough in between to help¬†me to avoid the fatal blight disease that crept its way up my plants and demolished them. I didn’t bother planting them this year, and opted instead to fill my garden with all sorts of peppers …Read More

Fall brings the most colorful veggies!

Here it comes, the push of the fall season. I bet you haven’t been able to walk by a store without seeing a larger than life poster of a couple kids wearing starched shirts or dresses,¬†donning backpacks full of shiny new school supplies, grinning ear to ear, eyes gleaming with hope for what the future holds ahead. You also probably haven’t been able to walk into many stores without your …Read More

Become A Seed-Sowing Machine!

Remember last week when we made the resolution that we were going to plan ahead for our seasonal gardens this year? If you don’t remember, take a look at the previous Happy Gardener blog and then meet me right back here, I’ll be waiting. That’s right, now we remember. We are going to get our dirt ready, fix our tools, plan ahead, etc, etc…. And today, we are going to …Read More

Falling For Fall Veggies

September is right around the corner, and with it comes the hope of cooler weather and possible, yes possible, rains. Just the thought of September encourages us to start fresh with our vegetable gardens. We can finally pull up those straggly, and scorched spring veggie plants that we nursed through the hottest days of summer, refusing to give up on the last dribble of production. We can look forward to …Read More


Basil Is The Bomb Basil—(BAY-ZUHL) Ocimum basilicum When the cold weather finally clears out for good and spring has moved in, I have a staple list of plants I look forward to planting. Topping that list is my most favorite herb, basil. If I had windowsills large enough to accommodate herb pots, I would grow it all year long. The aroma and flavor of fresh basil leaves plucked straight from …Read More