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Tomato maintenance: bring the cheeseburgers!

Hey there sunshine! I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time now. You know my tomatoes don’t want to do much until your shining face appears. Anyone else happy to see the sun showing up more? If you started early, like I did, with planting your tomatoes, you should be seeing some inkling of a promise of the juicy fruit to come. The tiny yellow flowers full of pollen, …Read More

Vegetable Harvesting: How Long Do I Gotta Wait?

How Long Do I Gotta Wait? It doesn’t really matter which growing season it is, it seems to happen in both. We add our compost, till our soil, buy our seeds and veggies, plant them up and then…….wait. We water faithfully, check to make sure our veggies are getting adequate light, and then…..wait. We add a little fertilizer to get them going and some active soil microbes into the mix, …Read More

It’s raining, it’s pouring, my peppers look so boring!

This spring has sure been a wet one! Last spring I tried to battle growing tomatoes against the cloudy, wet weather and failed miserably. The sun didn’t come out long enough in between to help me to avoid the fatal blight disease that crept its way up my plants and demolished them. I didn’t bother planting them this year, and opted instead to fill my garden with all sorts of peppers …Read More

Time For Tomatoes, Come And Get ‘Em!

Spring has come early for us San Antonians, and when you’re a gardener, that is some wonderful news. Tomatoes and peppers are flooding our nurseries, and we even have some other early spring veggies filtering in too. This is a perfect time to come pick out your 6 packs or 4 inch tomatoes, repot them in a slightly larger container, and let those roots spread out a little and get …Read More

Try something new: Garden pieces for the light-hearted

Maybe it’s the two back-to-back days of 73 degree weather we recently had, or perhaps it’s the 80 degree forecast for the weekend, but something is making me feel dizzy with excitement. I’ve got the shivers and the shakes and I’m looking for my shovels and my rakes and I just may have spring fever already! When I look outside and see bright red blooms trying to burst forth from …Read More

We’re all choked up over artichokes.

If you’ve never tried growing an artichoke, I think you have been missing out. Not only is the plant a beautiful specimen in the garden, it is also an exciting, more exotic, vegetable choice. The Green Globe artichoke is such a beautiful plant that sometimes it is grown purely as an ornamental, but in doing so, you’d be missing out on the buttery, nutty, taste of the tender thistles. I …Read More

Solarization: Here Comes The Sun!

Did you find yourself picking more weeds out of your spring garden than zucchini or cucumbers? Were your hopes of daily visits to your garden to retrieve a fresh spring bounty dashed when you were greeted instead with diseased plants? Although we were offered an abundance of rain this spring, we were definitely short on the bright sunny days our vegetables crave and need. Some of us found it difficult …Read More

Plant A Rainbow Garden

Doesn’t spring just invoke a sense of magic? From the tiny eggs we find in a bird’s nest that is nestled in a bundle of branches (or sometimes in our flower pots), to the accumulating volume in the buzzing of the bees eagerly gathering nectar from new blooms, there just seems to be an intense sense of something special in the air. The colors that present themselves this time of the year …Read More

Gardening: Come Dig In The Dirt

“There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.”-Mirabel Osler (Big or small, gardens can be very rewarding.) The last few weeks have been all about encouraging you to prepare your garden for the upcoming season. We’ve given you tips and information on what you need to get started (Happy Gardener- You Can …Read More

Become A Seed-Sowing Machine!

Remember last week when we made the resolution that we were going to plan ahead for our seasonal gardens this year? If you don’t remember, take a look at the previous Happy Gardener blog and then meet me right back here, I’ll be waiting. That’s right, now we remember. We are going to get our dirt ready, fix our tools, plan ahead, etc, etc…. And today, we are going to …Read More

Onions: Nothing To Cry About!

Hip Hip Hooray! Our onion transplants are here. The weather has finally permitted our growers to get them to us. So now that they are here, they will fly out of the door. It’s amazing during this time of the year, how many times we hear the same question; “When are those onion transplants going to be in?”. What’s the big deal about onions, one might think. Well, I’ll tell …Read More

Falling For Fall Veggies

September is right around the corner, and with it comes the hope of cooler weather and possible, yes possible, rains. Just the thought of September encourages us to start fresh with our vegetable gardens. We can finally pull up those straggly, and scorched spring veggie plants that we nursed through the hottest days of summer, refusing to give up on the last dribble of production. We can look forward to …Read More