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Watering Lawns in San Antonio

The question of how often you should be watering your lawn comes up often at Rainbow Gardens. We’ll give you the best tips on this page, along with the reasons why you should follow them. There really is no true formula for watering your San Antonio lawn due to many...

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Pet safety through the dog days of summer.

I glanced at the 10 day forecast for this week and regretted it instantly. 96, 98, 97, and so on. I think you get the drift. It's only June and I've had to peel my leg from a hot car seat a handful of times already! I've been trying to get up early to do gardening...

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Forcing Amaryllis Bulbs Inside For Cheerful Color

This is the time of year I usually start shifting my interests towards my surroundings inside. It seems as soon as Daylight Savings Time arrives, I start thinking about what I can do inside my home to brighten things up when the dark of night starts creeping in...

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Hey Kermit…it IS easy bein’ green!

It's usually around this time of year that my thoughts start drifting to grass that is greener on the other side of the fence, and I mean this very literally. Even though our season of green has been extended with the warmer weather hanging around, I know it is just a...

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This berry is a real beauty: The American Beautyberry

(Oh, what a beauty!) I can tell we are tapering off summer by a number of things: my calendar gets filled with upcoming events that are actually important for me to remember, the invitations to come over for a "fun" day of scrolling through thousands of pictures of...

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It’s no cinch getting rid of the Chinch!

Do you have St. Augustine? Have you felt an impending sense of doom because your St. Augustine is yellowed and browned along the edges of your lawn with discolored patches spreading into a sort of circular pattern? If you answered yes to the previous two questions,...

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Just a little of the top, please.

It's that time of year when we start seeing shaggy-haired boys with sun-kissed highlights, and girls with wisps of summer-bleached hair escaping from their loosely-tied back ponytails. And while it may be time for us to let our hair down and run a little carefree and...

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