Tree & Lawn Care

Weeds are thieves. Prevent them from getting started.

Cool weather weeds are on their way to rearing their ugly heads in our turf. One weed plant in your turf now has the potential to be 1000 weed plants in your turf next year. Weeds are thieves! They steal compete with your plants and turf for nutrients, water, and...

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6 Steps For Fall Tree and Shrub Planting in San Antonio

From August 31st – September 18th, Rainbow Gardens is offering some specials on trees and shrubs in our "Fall is for Planting" packages: Buy 5 of any 3 gallon shrubs,  get 1 bag of living mulch and 10 agriform tablets free Buy 2 of any 5 gallon trees, get 1 bag of...

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When It Comes To Planting Trees, Don’t Dig Too Deep!

Improper planting of a tree or shrub is the number one reason they die! Improper watering, and improper mulching are close seconds and thirds! Today, along with providing you a link to our Fall Tree and Shrub Planting Guide, we’re going to explain why planting a tree...

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Crape Myrtles: Let Blooms Help You Choose

Summer is the time when crape myrtles put forth their numerous blooms in full display; so wouldn't it make sense to choose yours now to make sure you get the exact color you want?Crape myrtles come in a variety of shades. Try shopping for a red crape myrtle and you...

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Best Mowing Practices for Warm Weather Lawns

Mowing your lawn may see like the easiest task when it comes to lawn maintenance. But following a few recommended tips for mowing your lawn could have you seeing a big difference in the  health and appearance of your turf. Try a few of the following lawn mowing tips...

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Watering Lawns in San Antonio

The question of how often you should be watering your lawn comes up often at Rainbow Gardens. We’ll give you the best tips on this page, along with the reasons why you should follow them. There really is no true formula for watering your San Antonio lawn due to many...

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Hey Kermit…it IS easy bein’ green!

It's usually around this time of year that my thoughts start drifting to grass that is greener on the other side of the fence, and I mean this very literally. Even though our season of green has been extended with the warmer weather hanging around, I know it is just a...

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