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Online DIY Succulent Video

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Pollinator Gardening Is For Everyone Oct 23rd

 Location: Bandera 

Pollinator Gardening Is For Everyone Oct 30th

 Location:  Bandera 

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Events & Seminars

Rainbow Gardens brings you top-notch seminars and events. We bring in the best local experts to share their knowledge and love of gardening. There is always something new to learn and we strive to make the experience of our events both fun and rewarding.

Access our calendar, via the button below, to see all we have planned for you this season. Please make note of the location and time of the events you wish to attend; we have two Rainbow Gardens locations. We have some new event policies in place for 2019 to ensure that we have one of the best event years to date!

Become a Vendor

Are you a vendor that is interested in becoming a part of our event schedule this year or next? Do you have some amazing information that you would like to share by being a guest speaker at one of our seminars? Please contact our events coordinator.

Interested in Teaching a Seminar?

If you are interested in being a guest speaker at one of our weekly classes held spring through fall, please contact Laura Jarvis.

Kids Garden Club

Rainbow Gardens loves kids! Rainbow Gardens loves gardening! But know what we love right along with that? Teaching kids the love of gardening! The goal of our event coordinator, Laura Jarvis, is to give your kids such a great experience in our Kids Garden Club that it develops into a lifelong love of gardening. We dive in at the Kids Garden Club. Your child could be breaking into a huge grin as they feel a caterpillar scoot along the back of their hand, or maybe they are opening their eyes big and round as they taste an herb like chocolate mint for the first time.

Rainbow Gardens Kids Garden Club is all about your children actually experiencing gardening. They are seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, what gardening is all about. You’ll hear Laura calling out to the kids, “Taste this one. How does this one smell to you? Ooh..you could make a pizza with these!” Whether your child is busily figuring out exactly the right spot to place their toad or fairy in the terrarium they just created, or they are lucky enough to be present to watch a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis right in front of them, your kid is having an awesome time.

We love the inquisitive minds kids have and their excitement for learning about gardening is infectious through the nursery. We look forward to seeing our returning Kids Garden Club attendees this year and we offer a huge welcome to all new attendees. We know you’ll love it here at Rainbow Gardens.

Please take time to read our Kids Gardening Club Policy to help us make sure you and your children have the best experience at Rainbow Gardens.

You can access information on each event through the event calendar. Please make note of the appropriate age range required on the flyer for each event. Thank you.

Photos may be taken during our Kids Garden Club classes and events. These photos may or may not be included on Rainbow Gardens website, and other social media platforms. On the day of the events, you must state if you do not wish to have your child in pictures pertaining to the class or event. We love to see and share the excitement on children’s faces as they are enjoying themselves at our kids gardening events; but we will respect your wishes if you choose not to be included.

Kids Gardening Club Policy

Our Kids Garden Club class policies are as follows:

You must now sign up online for our Kids Gardening Club classes to ensure admittance to the class. You can access the online registration through our calendar/events page. Spaces are not guaranteed unless you have signed up/pre-payed for class. You will receive confirmation of your reservation in an email as well as a receipt for classes paid for.

Kids Garden Club is for ages 4-10. Please respect this age limit. Each individual class is tailored specifically to the level of interest of children in this age range.

Please arrive promptly for the classes. It is difficult for our instructors to stop the class and try to incorporate a late-comer into a class that has started. It is not fair to our instructors, nor the other kids in class that arrived on time. Classes begin at the start of the hour posted on our flyers.

All Rainbow Gardens Kids Garden Club classes that require a fee are NON-REFUNDABLE, unless we at Rainbow Gardens need to cancel the event.  Most of our classes have a limited class size. In accordance with our event policy, each time a reservation is made, a designated seat is held for that child. If that child doesn’t show up for the event, this will have prevented us from offering an available seat and to another child who wishes to reserve or pay for a spot.

We work hard to offer the children quality projects at bare minimum prices. We ask that you respect our policy of one project per child, and to only allow children to participate in the classes. In the event that we have extra supplies, and an extra project is desired, the materials may be able to be purchased at full price.

We will try to accommodate walk-ins, but they may be asked to attend a following class, if space is still available.

Parents/Guardians must stay on site during classes.

We get dirty sometimes, so play clothes are advised.

Please cancel in advance if you cannot make it to the class, so that another child that is waiting can fill the slot.