San Antonio Lawns

San Antonio Lawns

Retaining healthy, vibrancy for your San Antonio lawn is no easy feat. However, if you learn how to properly take care of your lawns and stick to a maintenance schedule, you can have the vibrant, green, healthy lawns that you’ve dreamed of. The following links provide troubleshooting information for San Antonio lawns. You will learn how to properly feed your lawns, how to properly water your lawns, and how to prevent and control fungus, weeds, and pests that can attack your lawns. Yes, you can grow healthy, lush, green lawns in San Antonio.

Preventing and Controlling Weeds in San Antonio Lawns

San Antonio lawns battle warm season and cool season weeds. Preventing weeds is a time-sensitive garden task. It’s imperative to apply weed pre-emergents at the correct time in order to prevent the weeds from sprouting during each season. See the following links to learn the correct way to prevent and control weeds.

Fertilizing San Antonio Lawns

Healthy San Antonio lawns benefit from at least two applications of fertilizer each year. Healthy, well-fed lawns are better equipped at keeping weeds, insects and disease at bay. See our guidelines for proper fertilization of San Antonio lawns.

Preventing and Treating Common Fungus Issues in San Antonio Lawns

San Antonio lawns can battle fungus issues during different seasons throughout the year. Learning how to identify and prevent these fungus issues the key to keeping San Antonio lawns disease and fungus free.

Watering San Antonio Lawns

Watering lawns correctly can be a challenge when rain is either feast or famine here in San Antonio. Correct watering provides adequate moisture to keep your turf healthy and green, and helps to prevent lawn fungus issues. We’ve put together some watering guidelines to help with the confusion.