Propagating plants is basically the process of creating new plants from existing ones. That’s propagating plants in the simplest of terms. Mid spring is a great time for propagating plants. If you’ve never attempted this, we assure you it is a very rewarding gardening experience. This page contains links to get you started on your adventures propagating plants. (We’ll update with more links when we’ve got them.) While you embark on something new, remember, gardening is full of trial and error, and you’ll never know the amount of success you can have unless you give something a try. Rainbow Gardens is here to help you with all your propagating questions, so never be shy with your questions.


Why You Should Try Propagating Plants

  1. More is better: Propagating plants is a great way to grow extra plants from a special variety you love and want to make sure you have plenty of.
  2. Cheap: Cheap, cheap, cheap, nursery bills can get steep! Propagating plants is a great way to cut down on the expense of buying plants. (You’re growing your own!)
  3. Availability: If the nursery is out of a variety of plant and can’t get it in (not likely at Rainbow Gardens) you can just make your own.
  4. Options: There are multiple ways for propagating plants, so you can choose a style that suits you best and give it a whirl.
  5. Sharing: Propagating plants allows you to share plants that have brought you joy with others. (You can make friends!)
  6. Bypass the seasons: You can take cuttings from a frost-tender plant and carry it through winter indoors.

Yes, planting seeds is a way of propagating.

Propagating by root cuttings is an easy way to make more plants.

Some Of Our Favorite Ways of Propagating Plants

We hope you visit our links and try something new if you’ve never attempted propagating plants or have only tried one way; of course Rainbow Gardens is always here with plenty of selections for you to choose from if propagating just isn’t your thing.

~The Happy Gardener