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Starting a compost pile

Compost Basics Composting is a natural, biological process in which decaying material is broken down by microorganisms and returned to the earth where it can be used again as nutrients for future plants. Compost is one of the most beneficial materials you can add to your landscape and gardens. It can be used as a fertilizer and soil conditioner. You can use compost as a mulch to help regulate soil …Read More

Growing Succulents 101

Succulents are one of the easiest plants to grow, propagate, and decorate with; but some people feel a little intimidated by them. We think the intimidation comes from fear of the unknown. By providing you with the basic supplies and care needed for growing succulents, Rainbow Gardens believes we can eliminate intimidation and replace it with confidence so you can begin your love affair with succulent gardening. Check out our …Read More

Attracting Beneficial Insects To Your Gardens

How does helping out our pollinators by providing them a safe and organic environment to feed and energize themselves sound to you? You can do it by adopting a true organic gardening regime. Beneficial insects are one way to help you naturally fight off the pest problems we face while gardening here in San Antonio. These are the insects that practically make their living off of devouring your garden pests, …Read More

Milkweed and Aphids: Nature takes its course

Milkweed and aphids, they just go hand in hand. If you’ve brought milkweed into your gardens to help support the Monarch population, chances are, you’ve had to put up with aphids. And having to put up with them is really all you can do sometimes. These little, yellow insects converge under the leaves and line themselves up the stems, making your milkweed look like a super highway crammed with little …Read More

Rainbow Gardens and Garden-Ville Fall Planting Give-away!

A fall sale is the perfect thing to help you understand that in San Antonio, fall is the absolute best time to plant trees, shrubs, and woody perennials. With this in mind, and to spread the word, Rainbow Gardens and Garden-Ville have partnered up to bring you a special deal on select Garden-Ville mulches, a chance to win our amazing in-store give away and other fun gardening goodies, and invaluable …Read More