The time has arrived for our doors to be thrown open in wild abandon by eager friends hustling in to get a well-earned discount on practically anything in the store. That’s right, it’s Bonus Bucks Redemption Days once again! It’s our way of giving thanks back to you for loving our nursery, plants, products, and staff. Because of you, we get to continue to offer you the best selection of plants for all your landscape needs. Because of you, we look forward to staying on top of the latest products, whether organic or synthetic, that will give you the maximum benefits and best possible outcomes in your gardens. Because of you we get to pay it forward by sharing horticulture expertise; whether it’s us, or our guest speakers, we are thrilled to be able to share what we know with all of you eager-to-learn plant lovers. And because of you, we’ll keep striving to be the nursery you think of first when you need answers, plants, products, soil, mulch, garden decor, gifts and more. So, it’s because of you that we are happy to offer Bonus Bucks as a way of saying a great big thank you!

“Wait a minute, hold up, Bonus Bucks in August?” “When it’s blazing hot?” Those are the questions we hear most of all when we hand a Bonus Buck or two to a new customer and tell them when they can redeem them. Those, along with, “August? When no plant is alive?” I get it, I do. I get questioning why you’d want to buy anything you have to keep alive through a San Antonio summer. Anyone who has lived in San Antonio through even one summer gets it. And I thought that way myself one time. But like many of you, I quickly realized just how perfect the timing for these discount bucks actually is. My realization can be summed up in four words. Fall is for planting! We are blessed in San Antonio to have two great growing seasons; and in early fall we get a second go at our warm-weather veggies while cool-weather veggies are anxiously waiting in the wings for their turn. Fall is also the best time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials. They need the time through winter to establish a hardy root system that will in turn, sustain them when it’s time for them to come face to face with our summers.

So here is my argument for why Bonus Bucks are absolutely an amazing discount to get in the month of August, yes, August. If you plan on or desire success with any type of fall planting, you must prep your beds soon. And prepping your beds means amending soil, and building soil, to give your plants a healthy, resilient, full-of-micronutrients, foundation to thrive in. Guess what? You can use your Bonus Bucks to help with the cost of those products that can do just that! Stock up on premium soils and compost like those found in the Fox Farm and Ladybug brands. Get yourself bag upon bag of mulch to arm yourself against either the weather or just to pretty up some faded beds. Mix in some organic fertilizer with your garden beds and let it work to create an enriched environment perfect for fall transplants. Choose from the early selection of veggies for your early fall gardens, or go ahead and buy some of those perennials you missed out on in spring.

Even if you don’t plan on planting anything new all through fall (but how could you resist), your lawn will need some care this fall after the beating it has endured the past few months. You can always use some fertilizer, weed prevention, or any one of our many insecticide or fungicide products. Someone is always having a birthday, so a visit to the gift shop with your Bonus Bucks might be your choice. Or maybe you’ve had your eye on something you wished would go on sale; your Bonus Bucks can make it yours this month. What I’m trying to say is you can get almost anything at the nursery so, PLEASE DON’T LET YOUR BONUS BUCKS GO TO WASTE! If you forgot where you stashed them, how are you going to cash them? Make today the day you find your Bonus Bucks and get them in your purse, wallet, or car so you’ll have them when you need them this month!

Enjoy this month at the nursery. Take your time and search for you best deal. These are your Bonus Bucks and you earned them. Enjoy them, and thank you!