(Photo credit: San Antonio Water System, Possumhaw Holly)

With fall being the best planting season in San Antonio, aren’t we lucky that SAWS is rolling out their fall Watersaver Landscape Coupon program this month? Enrollment for fall opens up on 8-15-19 and ends 10-15-19. Once approved and enrolled in the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program, you’ll have until the 11-17-19 to redeem your coupon/coupons. You can always check out our city programs page for info about SAWS programs and some other great offers the city of San Antonio offers, but today I’m highlighting some of our favorite reasons you should sign up for this amazing, water-saving program .

5 Reasons Rainbow Gardens loves the fall SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon

1. The SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon is valid through the best months to plant in San Antonio. That’s right; fall is the absolute best time to plant trees, shrubs, woody perennials and the like. It gives these plants the perfect amount of time to establish their roots all throughout fall, winter, and early spring, before the heat of the summer sets in once again. Come to our expert-led events featuring David Rodriguez, Horticulturist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of Bexar County, to learn all about the best way to plant these amazing specimens in your landscape. Join us August 24th, at Thousand Oaks, or August 31st, at Bandera.

2. The SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon saves you money. Hello? Awesome coupon alert! When you are planning on some landscape work anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to have $100 of your project paid for? Plus, once you complete your project, you can get an extra $60 to go towards mulch! (Did you know you have the opportunity to get as many as 4 $100 Watersaver Landscape Coupons each season, with a lifetime total of 8?).


3. Participating in the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program will earn points to go towards your SAWS Watersaver Rewards. Points add up to more coupons, more coupons mean more discounts and savings. Haven’t signed up for the Watersaver Rewards yet? Don’t miss out on all the savings that can be had, sign up here.


4. The SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon saves water. The plants that are eligible for purchase through this program are specimens that don’t require a lot of water to maintain. These plants are chosen based on their ability to withstand periods of drought. You also save money when you remove the required 200 feet of water-sucking turf that’s in your landscape. If you just suffered through these last few weeks of oppressive heat in San Antonio, replacing thirsty turf with these low-water, xeriscape plants, should sound like a really smart idea right about now.




Esperanza comes in many different varieties and is just one of the many gorgeous plants that are eligible for SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program. )Picture courtesy of SAWS.

5. Rainbow Gardens is a proud partner of the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program. We get to see you and you get to see us! When you are ready to redeem your coupon, come on in to either of our Rainbow Garden locations in San Antonio and we’ll point you to our designated areas housing our SAWS-approved plants. We do an awesome job keeping these plants stocked so you have plenty of options.

For some important information to keep in mind when applying for the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program, see this link. Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs featuring some of the great SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon-approved plants!

Happy Savings!

~The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy