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Milkweed and Aphids: Nature takes its course

Milkweed and aphids, they just go hand in hand. If you’ve brought milkweed into your gardens to help support the Monarch population, chances are, you’ve had to put up with aphids. And having to put up with them is really all you can do sometimes. These little, yellow insects converge under the leaves and line themselves up the stems, making your milkweed look like a super highway crammed with little …Read More

Sayonara, Suckers!

You’ve got ’em, and they would like to stay. The increase of wet weather has plumped up our plants to a state of irresistible juiciness, and the sucking insects that have been lying in wait have launched their attack. Once they get their suck on, they could rival the most powerful Dyson or Hoover out there. If you have been lucky enough not to have seen them thus far, send …Read More

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home….

What if you were met face to face with a creature that had barbed mandibles to rip apart prey, poisonous and bitter blood to ward off potential attackers, and was a ravenous predator that devours thousands during its lifetime? Does this description cross your mind when a ladybug lands on your arm? I didn’t think so. But the little ladybug, or as it is also called, ladybird or lady beetle, …Read More

What’s Buggin’ You? Summer Pests.

What’s Buggin’ You? (Not all bugs are pesky, some are beneficial to your garden. Read on for a glimpse of both.) Most of us here in San Antonio are starting to really enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our perennials that we’ve mulched, and fed are rearing up from the ground ready to put on a colorful display. Our tomatoes have set fruit and are reaching out to the tops …Read More