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Butterfly Field Trip

October was an amazing month for butterflies! Whether it was the hordes of Snout Nose butterflies we tried in vain to avoid greeting with our windshields, or the masses of Queens visiting before the Monarchs flew in, there really wasn’t a day that didn’t provide some type of butterfly sighting. I said goodbye to the peak butterfly migration month this past Monday when I took a little butterfly appreciation field …Read More

Seed Bombs: A Wildflower Party

It’s fall in San Antonio but if you were new to the city and had to spend any time outside recently, you just might call me a liar. The sun still blazes, but every now and then a cool morning greets us, and we just may dip below 85 for the highest temp of the day. We know it’s still warm, but we still bring in all your fall favorites …Read More

Try something new: Garden pieces for the light-hearted

Maybe it’s the two back-to-back days of 73 degree weather we recently had, or perhaps it’s the 80 degree forecast for the weekend, but something is making me feel dizzy with excitement. I’ve got the shivers and the shakes and I’m looking for my shovels and my rakes and I just may have spring fever already! When I look outside and see bright red blooms trying to burst forth from …Read More

We’re all choked up over artichokes.

If you’ve never tried growing an artichoke, I think you have been missing out. Not only is the plant a beautiful specimen in the garden, it is also an exciting, more exotic, vegetable choice. The Green Globe artichoke is such a beautiful plant that sometimes it is grown purely as an ornamental, but in doing so, you’d be missing out on the buttery, nutty, taste of the tender thistles. I …Read More

Mum’s The Word

You know that fall is right around the corner when you start seeing brilliantly-colored, pom-pom like flowers beginning to pop out of the buds of chrysanthemums. Pots of mums start showing up everywhere. Front porches are peppered with pots of mums overflowing with color. High school students in Texas come home with forms to order over-sized (think body shield) mums attached to ribbons filled with trinkets and even stuffed animals, …Read More

Just a little of the top, please.

It’s that time of year when we start seeing shaggy-haired boys with sun-kissed highlights, and girls with wisps of summer-bleached hair escaping from their loosely-tied back ponytails. And while it may be time for us to let our hair down and run a little carefree and wild, it would actually do some of our perennials a great service if we tidy them up some and give them a little haircut. With the past rains …Read More

Easter Basket Surprise

We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”, but this year I feel we should twist it around a bit and say, “March showers have brought April flowers.” What a wacky beginning to spring we have had. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for rain whenever we get it and I definitely know we will be pining for it come summertime, so I plan to enjoy the benefits …Read More

Buds Burst Into Blooms

Can you feel it? The warm embrace of the sun like it is smiling down on you? Can you smell it? The smell of “purple” when the Mountain Laurel clusters dangle and wave in the wind setting adrift the intoxicating scent of grape kool-aid? Can you hear it? The rumble and hum of lawnmowers shaking off the cobwebs and oiling up their motors to provide us with the first mow …Read More

Become A Seed-Sowing Machine!

Remember last week when we made the resolution that we were going to plan ahead for our seasonal gardens this year? If you don’t remember, take a look at the previous Happy Gardener blog and then meet me right back here, I’ll be waiting. That’s right, now we remember. We are going to get our dirt ready, fix our tools, plan ahead, etc, etc…. And today, we are going to …Read More

Cyclamen: Your shade-loving, cold-hardy, colorful friends.

Meet your frost-friendly, winter friends! You know how you’ve gotten  so excited about the cooler (well, cold)  weather coming in, and then you have that initial panic of not wanting to lose your vibrant spring color? You’ve had your begonias and impatiens in a perfect little shady spot in your garden, and you’ve been enjoying the color so much, you are suddenly not looking forward to the cold weather at …Read More

Butterfly Backyard Bonanza!

Butterfly Backyard Bonanza! We are coming up on the early days of summer; that time of year in San Antonio (before it gets too hot) when we tend to move our lives outdoors and get the chance to take in our surroundings. We wake up and head outdoors with our morning coffee cup in hand, we fire up the grill and cook outdoors, we dust off the patio furniture and …Read More