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Butterfly Field Trip

October was an amazing month for butterflies! Whether it was the hordes of Snout Nose butterflies we tried in vain to avoid greeting with our windshields, or the masses of Queens visiting before the Monarchs flew in, there really wasn’t a day that didn’t provide some type of butterfly sighting. I said goodbye to the peak butterfly migration month this past Monday when I took a little butterfly appreciation field …Read More

Butterfly Backyard Bonanza!

Butterfly Backyard Bonanza! We are coming up on the early days of summer; that time of year in San Antonio (before it gets too hot) when we tend to move our lives outdoors and get the chance to take in our surroundings. We wake up and head outdoors with our morning coffee cup in hand, we fire up the grill and cook outdoors, we dust off the patio furniture and …Read More