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Protecting Early Fall Tomato Transplants

So you’ve taken the (not so subtle) hints that we’ve been shoving down your throat about the need to prep your gardens to be ready for fall veggie planting. You’ve prepped your gardens (Fall Garden Prep), you’ve browsed the tomato and pepper aisles and are ready to get them in your gardens to take advantage of the short window we have for planting another round of warm weather veggies. Planting …Read More

Tomato maintenance: bring the cheeseburgers!

Hey there sunshine! I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time now. You know my tomatoes don’t want to do much until your shining face appears. Anyone else happy to see the sun showing up more? If you started early, like I did, with planting your tomatoes, you should be seeing some inkling of a promise of the juicy fruit to come. The tiny yellow flowers full of pollen, …Read More

Time For Tomatoes, Come And Get ‘Em!

Spring has come early for us San Antonians, and when you’re a gardener, that is some wonderful news. Tomatoes and peppers are flooding our nurseries, and we even have some other early spring veggies filtering in too. This is a perfect time to come pick out your 6 packs or 4 inch tomatoes, repot them in a slightly larger container, and let those roots spread out a little and get …Read More

The Early Bird Gets The Tomato!

One of the things we love about growing in Texas is that we get a chance to grow some of our favorite warm weather veggies again in fall. We had such a crazy spring this year, full of rain and cloudy days, that many of us struggled with our tomato plants which desperately needed the sun to set some fruit. By the time they actually got around to setting some …Read More

Holy Leaf Blight, Batman!

Rain is usually a welcome sight here in San Antonio. We get to save on our water bills, the whole world around us is a vivid green hue, and we get to enjoy the cooler temperatures that come with rainfall. We think that besides having to reschedule a few baseball and softball games, or moving a picnic indoors, the rain is not much of an inconvenience. That is until we …Read More

Interview with an Indeterminate Tomato

The following interview took place one morning with a particularly, ripe and alert tomato. We will try to get some juicy details from one of our favorite spring-summer offerings. Please, for the record, state your name.  My name is Big Beef, but I would like to speak on behalf of all tomatoes in various shapes, sizes, and varieties. (Here’s me!) Well, you are a wonderful specimen, and thank you for …Read More

OK Tomato Lovers, it’s Here!

OK Tomato Lovers it’s Here! Heirloom Gardener’s Top 10  Tomatoes Randel Agrella has talked with fellow tomato growers,  gardeners and seed company owners and this is the list of the all time favorites he has assembled!  Randel lives, works and gardens in Connecticut and now manages historic Cromstock Ferre and Company, an heirloom seed company. #1 Aunt Ruby’s German Green The large, ribbed slicing type fruit is green to yellow-green …Read More