Creating a butterfly garden is easy when you choose plants from Rainbow Gardens that are approved for the SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupon. While there are many plants butterfly host and nectar plants at Rainbow Gardens to choose from, today’s blog will focus on the butterfly host and nectar plants that are approved for use with the SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupon. These plants will draw in the butterflies, save water, and make your landscape beautiful all at once.

Snakeherb is a native groundcover that is a host for butterflies. Drought-tolerant, best with morning sun and a little shade from hot afternoon sun.

Twist-leaf yucca makes a great SAWS coupon-approved statement plant for your landscape.

Yaupon Holly is a great choice for a host plant that is approved for the SAWS coupon; and it’s evergreen!

Butterfly Host Plants on SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupon list.


  • Barbados Cherry – (Cassius Blue butterfly)
  • Cenzio/Texas Sage – (Theona Checkerspot butterfly)
  • Flame Acanthus/Hummingbird Bush – (Crimson Patch butterfly)
  • Frogfruit – (Phaon Crescent butterfly)
  • Inland Sea Oats – (Skipper butterfly var.)
  • Mexican Buckeye (Henry’s Elfin butterfly)
  • Milkweeds – (Monarch butterfly)
  • Mistflowers – (Rawson’s Metalmark butterfly)
  • Redbud “eastern” – (Henry’s Elfin butterfly)
  • Salvia Coccinea – (Painted Lady)
  • Snakeherb – (Common Buckeye butterfly)
  • Texas Mountain Laurel – (Henry’s Elfin butterfly)
  • Yaupon/Possumhaw – (Dusky-blue Groundstreak butterfly)
  • Yucca/Buckley and Twist leaf varieties – (Yucca Giant-Skipper butterfly)

Esperanza is drought-tolerant once established.

Tuberosa milkweed makes a great host AND nectar plant for the monarch butterfly.

Blue Mistflower will have Monarchs and Queens coming into your landscape in hordes.

Butterfly Nectar Plants on SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupon list.

  • Barbados Cherry
  • Esperanza
  • Cenzio
  • Copper Canyon Daisy
  • Flame Acanthus/Hummingbird Bush
  • Frogfruit
  • Mexican Buckeye
  • Mexican Olive
  • Milkweeds
  • Mistflowers
  • Redbud
  • Salvia/All types
  • Texas Mountain Laurel
  • Yaupon/Possumhaw

You can see from these lists, that many plants on the SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupon are both host and nectar plants for butterflies. Choosing from these double-duty plants offers the possibility that you might get to experience the entire life cycle of a butterfly. Planting any variety of these host and nectar plants is sure to bring you joy as you observe butterflies laying eggs on host plants, caterpillars (butterfly larvae) getting plump while filling up on leaves from host plants, and butterflies loading up on nectar for energy.

Come on in to Rainbow Gardens where you can easily find your SAWS WaterSaver Landscape Coupon plants and get those butterflies whirling their way towards your gardens. (Click the previous link for step by step instructions to apply for coupon.)

(Thank you SAWS for the use of pictures of Tuberosa Milkweed, Blue Mistflower, Snakeherb, and Twist-leaf Yucca from their site, SAWS.org.)

~The Happy Gardener