If every San Antonio landscape had plumbago planted, I would be a very Happy Gardener indeed! This amazing, native perennial offers big, bold, blooming beauty with the easiest of care. Plumbagos are one of our most sought after perennials at our San Antonio Rainbow Gardens locations. Take a look at all these amazing qualities plumbago has to offer and we bet you’ll be looking for a spot to plant one in your San Antonio landscape this year.

Plumbago close up in a San Antonio landscape.
Plumbago is an easy perennial for San Antonio landscapes

5 Reasons Plumbago are Perfect for San Antonio Landscapes

1. Pest and disease problems overlook plumbago. While gardeners in San Antonio have more than their fair share of pests and diseases plaguing their plants, plumbago seems to have gotten a  pest and disease zone free pass.

As long as plumbago is given adequate water during extreme periods of drought in San Antonio, it can avoid the occasional spider mite attack that rarely, but sometimes, occurs on neglected plumbago.

No troublesome disease issues really affect plumbago either. Just make sure your plumbago is planted in an area that allows the soil to drain well after watering and rain.

2. Plumbago is an evergreen perennial that blooms three of our San Antonio seasons: spring, summer, and fall. That means for the majority of the year you can enjoy the deep-green, arching foliage and large, powder blue clusters of flowers. The blooms on plumbago perform even through our scorching San Antonio summers. Gazing at the cool blue hue of plumbago seems to make the heat in San Antonio a little more bearable.

3. Plumbago is a drought tolerant, low water need plant. This attribute comes in super handy in our San Antonio climate, especially during our summers that generally lack in rainfall. Water your plumbago regularly when it is newly planted to get it established, and then the occasional watering should suffice. A little extra water attention during extreme and prolonged bouts of drought in summer to keep it thriving into fall.

Disclaimer: Most plants increase in their performance and vitality with a regular watering schedule, and plumbago is the same; however, this plant can survive with a little neglect.

4. Two shearing/pruning sessions a year is all you need for plumbago, but if desired you can prune and shape throughout the year. I personaly believe plumbago looks and performs best when they are allowed to reach their mature size of 3′- 4′ H x 5′ W. Leave their limbs to arch and grow to their full potential and they will drip with large, gorgeous, blue blooms. Shear the entire plumbago back by about a 1/3 in August to encourage a new flush of beautiful blooms for fall. Late winter/early spring cut plumbago at least halfway to the ground even if it doesn’t freeze, because plumbago blooms on new growth.

5. Plumbago are amazing options for San Antonio butterfly and hummingbird lovers. Since plumbago practically blooms year round, pollinators always have an outstanding source for nectar. What a treat! There isn’a a sunny day that goes by in summer that I don’t see the butterflies swirling around the plumbago in my landscape. It makes me want to cover my whole yard in them! Need that extra bonus to convince you that plumbago is needed in your San Antonio landscape? It’s deer resistant too!

To wrap up why this plant is included on the Texas Superstar Plants list and Rainbow Garden’s favorite hot-weather perennial list:

  • plumbago can tolerate a variety of soil types.
  • plumbago can live happily in full sunshine or part shade (make sure it gets some light for those amazing blooms).
  • plumbago is drought tolerant, deer resistant, and virtually pest and disease free.
  • plumbago is a great pollinator attractor for San Antonio landscapes.

Plumbago waits for you at Rainbow Gardens! Come get the blue that is super cool! Click this link for online purchase/store pick up options. Online shop currently only available for Bandera location.

~The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy