The 2020 Rodeo Tomato has been announced and it is “Red Snapper”. How’s that for an enticing name? The rodeo tomato is chosen based on 2-3 year trials that test and compare around 20-40 tomato varieties. Rodeo tomatoes are measured against tried and true varieties from the past and are scrutinized on performing as well or possibly better. Some specifications rodeo tomatoes are tested for are: fruit production, quality of fruit, disease resistance, health of the plant, and even the aesthetic aspect of the tomato plant.

It looks like the “Red Snapper” tomato has made the cut and since it’s earned the prestigious title 2020 Rodeo Tomato we should take a look at what you can look forward to. Rainbow Gardens has already received a limited amount of the 2020 Rodeo Tomato “Red Snapper” and we’ll be sure to bring in more throughout February. No matter which tomato you choose to grow, get started early because San Antonio has a short growing season before the heat of summer sets in and shuts down fruit production.

2020 Rodeo Tomato

“Red Snapper” Characteristics

The 2020 Rodeo Tomato, “Red Snapper” is a hybrid, determinate tomato variety that has a bush growth habit. “Red Snapper” plants produce big yields of round, large to extra large fruits. Vine ripe tomatoes develop in about 75 days and are deep red in color, but the plant is great for mature green tomatoes too. Once harvested, the “Red Snapper” tomato is purported to have a long shelf life. No rotting on the counter a few days after picking!

Perhaps one of the most exciting characteristics of the “Red Snapper” 2020 Rodeo Tomato is its disease resistance. It is resistant to: Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, Verticillium Wilt, Gray Leaf Spot, Alternaria Stem Canker, and Fusarium Wilt. When choosing the right tomatoes for your garden in San Antonio, disease resistance should be high on your list; and the list of disease that “Red Snapper” has tolerance to is impressive.

Another great characteristic to look for when choosing tomatoes to grow in San Antonio is heat tolerance. If you’ve experienced San Antonio through any summer, you know just how brutal the heat can get. It’s just a fact that when the temperatures start to rise, tomatoes have difficulty setting fruit. The more heat tolerance a tomato variety has, the better the chance you having fruit set in the heat, and harvesting mature, vine ripe tomatoes before the temperatures get extreme.

Sounds like the 2020 Rodeo Tomato “Red Snapper” is going to be a great one! I’d advise calling our locations to check on availability of the rodeo tomato. While we plan to keep them in stock, once the word is out, they sell out fast! If you need advice on growing tomatoes, check out our other blogs and our February 22nd and February 29th seminar events this year. Now “snap” to it!


~The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy