We hear the question often when we are passing out Bonus Bucks for every $10 you spend during our spring months…”What would I possibly want to buy in August when I can use these Bonus Bucks?” We hear you, and we understand your initial reaction. Anyone who has experienced just one August in San Antonio understands this reaction. It’s blazing hot outside! You are doing your best to just keep the plants you currently have alive!

But here’s the thing, in San Antonio fall gardening starts, or gets prepped for, in August. Really! So your Bonus Bucks are going to come in really handy this month! Here’s a little rundown on some great ideas for putting your Bonus Bucks to use. If you need to know how our Bonus Bucks Program works, please visit our FAQ page here.

Fall warm-weather veggies are here.

However you want to say it, we get a second spring or a first round fall when it comes to warm weather vegetables. It’s a chance to grow tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, and cucumbers if you didn’t get to in spring; or if you did plant in spring, it’s a chance to grow your favorite warm-weather veggies one more time. A handful of Bonus Bucks can get you some great prices on a few 4” veggies or a couple of 6-packs! 


Planning for cold-weather veggies starts now.

So you say you are holding out for the cold-weather veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc… to come to the nursery? Great, but is your garden prepped and ready for them? Adding compost and other organic products to your soil before planting each growing season is one of the most beneficial things you can do. The addition of these nutrients offers your transplants the best start to growing healthy, strong, roots. Use your Bonus Bucks on bagged compost, earthworm castings, soil conditioner, and other soil-building products.

Tree/Shrub planting and transplanting season is just around the corner.

October and November may seem like a long way off, but they’ll be here before you know it. If you are planning on doing any tree/shrub/woody perennial planting or transplanting, wouldn’t it make sense to stock up now while you can save on the mulch you will need to finish your planting later? We always advise to build a berm of mulch around your trees for the much-needed protection of roots and moisture retention that newly planted trees need. Use your Bonus Bucks on any of our bagged mulches or soil conditioners.



Save on stuff you hate to buy, but need to buy.

It’s always most fun to buy an exciting or beautiful plant when you come to Rainbow Gardens (and you can use your Bonus Bucks on any of them), but in August it’s really hard to get them established or keep them thriving. So shell out those Bonus Bucks on the plant food, pest control, soil, soil additives, replacement tools, new pots, and other things you don’t always want to buy. Save now on all the items you are going to need for the upcoming fall growing and planting season.

It’s easy to replace old broken tools with new ones when you get to save big using your Bonus Bucks.

What it boils down to is this: You earned these Bonus Bucks when spring fever took hold of you back in March and all the way through June. Bonus Bucks are like money in your pocket. Don’t let them go to waste. You can use your bonus bucks on practically anything in the nursery. Think towards the excitement of the fall growing and planting season and it shouldn’t be hard to find something you need.

Happy Savings!

~The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy