(Featured image courtesy of SAWS: SAWS WAtersaver Landscape Coupon plant, Pride of Barbados.)

SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon days are upon us once more! The fall enrollment for the San Antonio program begins on August 15th. If you’ve never taken part in this amazing program you’ve got to try it this fall. The requirements for the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program aren’t hard to meet, but they are definitely required so it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of them, which is what we are doing today. Be sure to read our favorite reasons to sign up for the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program, and visit our SAWS page for more SAWS info.

6 Important Reminders About the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon Program

1. If you have a sprinkler system installed, you must call for a free SAWS Irrigation Consultation before you can be approved for the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon. The capping of sprinkler heads and removal of driplines are requirements for the coupon. It’s not only required to call and make an appointment for the free SAWS Irrigation Consultation, it’s also recommended. SAWS states, “If the required changes to your system are extensive, you may also qualify for our residential irrigation design rebate.” Sounds like reason enough to comply to us! 

2. A new requirement has been added to be eligible for SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupons. You must submit a photo to SAWS that shows where you plant to remove the 200 feet of turf grass and install your new landscape bed.

3. The $100 SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon goes toward your purchase, but usually does NOT cover the cost of all the plants the coupon requires you to get. SAWS requires a total of 15 plants to be purchased for their program. Plants come in different sizes at the nursery, and you are allowed to buy them in multiple sized containers (1 gallon being the smallest). If you decide to buy larger-sized plants, your $100 coupon won’t go as far as it would if you chose 15 smaller-sized plants. Just keep this in mind so you aren’t surprised when you get to the register.

4. The plants purchased with your $100 SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon, MUST be chosen from the list of SAWS eligible plants. We CANNOT make substitutions with other plants, as this is not our program. We happily provide the plants for the program but we CANNOT, and DO NOT, make any changes to the requirements. Luckily, there are plenty of drought-tolerant plants to choose from, and you’re sure to find something that works perfectly in your landscape.

(Photo courtesy of San Antonio Water System: Mexican Bush Sage, this one really steals the show in fall!)

5. The plants purchased, using the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon, are to be used in a continuous 200 sq. ft. landscape bed where you have removed that amount of turf grass. This means the 15 plants you are required to purchase cannot just be planted any random place.

6. In addition to the pre-photo requirement in order to enroll in the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program, you must also pass a completion inspection by submitting 3 photos of your finished landscape bed. Click here for the checklist that SAWS will go by to make sure you are in compliance with their requirements for the program.

Hope these reminders and links will help you easily apply, redeem, plant, and enjoy the fall SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon program. For some terrific expert advice on planting in fall, make plans to come to one our “Fall is for Planting” events with David Rodriguez, Horticulturist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of Bexar County, on 8-24-19 at Thousand Oaks or 8-31-19 at Bandera. 

~The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy