The increase in heat with our summer temperatures can also result in an increase in pest activity in the garden.


If you can prevent pests in the first place, you may not have to control them.. Plants that are stressed from lack of water and neglect are like a welcome sign for many summer pests. Healthy plants have way less pest issues. Keep plants watered and fed. Offer them the correct spacing, light exposure, and keep gardens free of fallen plant debris. (A bug’s favorite hideaway)


Today we’re giving you our top 5 reminders for when it comes to using pest control products during summertime (or any season, really)

Pest control

5 Reminders for Summer Pest Control


  • Opt for the least toxic pest control before reaching for a chemical.. (For instance, a daily, or at least every other day, blast of water from the hose can shake loose many pests and send them searching for a new meal somewhere else.)
  • Control is always most effective when pests are caught early. (For example: A juvenile stinkbug that is soft-bodied, will be easier to kill off than an adult stinkbug wearing his armored shell.)
  • Read your labels. Some products may burn your plants if applied when the temperatures are high. And remember that often times, follow up applications may be necessary to completely rid yourself of a persistent pest issue. Let’s say it one more time, “Read your labels”. There is a ton of information in them. How will you know if a product works or not if you don’t apply it the right way?
  • Know that most pest control products are not discriminatory. The spray you grab to kill the hornworms on your tomato plants will also kill the caterpillars that turn into butterflies. be selective and treat only where and when it is necessary.
  • Some plants are just susceptible to certain types of pests. know what you are getting into before you get into it. Start doing thorough research on the plants you are bringing into your landscapes and living spaces. There are plenty of species that you can plant that won’t have you battling bugs all summer.


Come to us with your garden and landscape pest problems. We suggest taking pictures of both the pest and the damage you are seeing so that we can correctly identify your pest issue and offer you the correct advice for successful pest control measures.



You can send pictures through email, or visit us at either of our two San Antonio locations.

~The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy