Why is it that we all get surprised when summer actually shows up right when school lets out? That’s when it’s suppose to start, right? But man, it sure seems like it is hot early this year. That’s why we’re starting our “Summer Success Starts with Rainbow Gardens” series. We’ll be bringing you tips and advice for keeping your plants surviving, and thriving through the hot summer months in San Antonio, Texas.


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10 Early Summer Gardening Reminders

  1. Move full sun, spring container, plants to areas that receive shade in the afternoon. The summer sun may be too strong for plants like geraniums.
  2. You may have to up your watering game. With summer winds and increased temperatures, container plants will start drying out faster. Start checking their moisture levels daily when there is a lack of rainfall. Water most efficiently by watering in the morning and focusing water around the roots and driplines of your plants, avoiding overhead watering. And when you do water, water thoroughly each time so you get down to the roots of your plants.
  3. While you may need to water more often, be aware of changes in city water restriction stages, and allowed watering times. Some new proposals to watering times and rules for watering stages went out in the most recent SAWS newsletter, so be on the look out for updates.
  4. Don’t fight it when cooler weather transitional annuals start to look washed out and limp. It’s wasted time, energy and money to keep trying to revive these plants. They aren’t made for San Antonio summers. Pull them out and make room for hot weather loving annuals like vinca, moss rose and purslane.
  5. What are you waiting for? Get your protective layers of mulch in place now. 2-3″ of mulch around your garden plants and even in your containers can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing water evaporation and keeping the roots of your plants a little cooler through summer.
  6. Don’t forget to shear back any fall blooming perennials in early summer (last couple weeks of June). This prevents “flop over” from your plant getting too large before they bloom. Shearing them back by 1/3, keeps them in check, healthy, and ready to push blooms out in fall. Offer some fertilizer and a thorough watering right after pruning.
  7. Start a habit NOW to check your plants for pest or disease daily. Stressed out and underwatered plants succumb quickly to hot weather pests like spider mites. Pests are always easiest to control when caught early.
  8. If you don’t already make it a daily habit to wear sunscreen before hitting the garden, start now. And go ahead and get your water bottle, hat, and any other sun protection ready while you’re at it. Stay safe gardening friends!
  9. Don’t miss out on starting seeds of fall veggies. They can be grown outside in pots that receive morning sun, but are protected from hot afternoon sun. Keep post moist but not soggy.
  10. Time to be even more aware of the labels on any chemicals, even organic garden products, that you plan to use. Many are labeled as dangerous or not advised to use during hot temperatures. ALWAY READ YOUR LABELS!

Together we can have a successful summer. We’re always here to help!

~ The Happy Gardener, Lisa Mulroy