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Pavonia Rock Rose: Blooms That Make Summer BearableAnnuals & Perennials, News & Events, annuals-and-perennials news-eventssan-antonio texas-superstar-plant
Lantana: Long-Flowering, Heat Tolerant PerennialsAnnuals & Perennials, , , , annuals-and-perennialsinvasive native non-native-plants perennial texas-plants
Dallas Red Lantana: Fiery Red Blooms Face Off the Heat.Annuals & Perennials, Pollinators, annuals-and-perennials pollinatorshummingbirds long-blooming-flowers
Favorite Annuals by Blooming SeasonAnnuals & Perennials, Seasonal & Gardening Tips, , , , annuals-and-perennials seasonal-gardening-tipsfall plant-list seasonal-annuals spring summer
Confetti Lantana: A Party in the LandscapeAnnuals & Perennials, annuals-and-perennialsdrought-tolerant-plants texas-tough-plants
Hardy Hibiscus for the San Antonio Win!Annuals & Perennialsannuals-and-perennialsperennial-hibiscus
4 Heat Warrior Perennials for San Antonio SummersAnnuals & Perennials, News & Events, , annuals-and-perennials news-eventsdrought-tolerant heat-tolerant-plants texas-summer
Duranta: A Feast for the Butterflies and HummingbirdsAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, Pollinators, , annuals-and-perennials butterflies pollinatorsbutterflies hummingbirds san-antonio
Mexican Mint Marigold: A Tarragon for TexasAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, Edibles, Herbs, News & Events, Pollinators, , , annuals-and-perennials butterflies edibles herbs news-events pollinatorsdrought-tolerant herb perennial tarragon
Made for the Shade: Macho Ferns and Kimberly Queen Ferns:Annuals & Perennials, Houseplants, , , annuals-and-perennials houseplantsfoliage-plants houseplants shade-garden sun-garden
Mexican Heather: An Annual or Perennial Depending on WeatherAnnuals & Perennials, News & Events, Pollinators, , annuals-and-perennials news-events pollinatorsannual perennial purple-flowers
Irene Lantana: A Profuse Blooming PerennialAnnuals & Perennialsannuals-and-perennials
Quick Look: Perennial Pollinator PlantsAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, News & Events, Pollinators, , , annuals-and-perennials butterflies news-events pollinatorscatmint coreopsis john-fanick-phlox turks-cap
Maximilian Sunflowers: A Perennial Treat for Native PollinatorsAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, Fall Garden, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Pollinators, Summer Garden, , , annuals-and-perennials butterflies fall-garden native-xeriscape-wildflowers pollinators summer-garden seasonal-gardening-tipsperennial sun-lover sunflower yellow-flowers
Gayfeather (Liatris spicata): A Pollinator-Attracting PerennialAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, News & Events, Pollinators, , annuals-and-perennials butterflies news-events pollinatorsbutterflies pollinators wildflowers
March 2022 Timely Gardening TipsAnnuals & Perennials, Edibles, Seasonal & Gardening Tips, Spring Garden, Trees & Shrubs, Turf & Lawnannuals-and-perennials edibles seasonal-gardening-tips spring-garden trees-and-shrubs turf-and-lawnpdf
Thriller, Filler, Spiller ContainersAnnuals & Perennials, Seasonal & Gardening Tips, , , annuals-and-perennials seasonal-gardening-tipsannuals container-plants perennials pots
SAWS Wildscape Landscape RecommendationsAnnuals & Perennials, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Trees & Shrubsannuals-and-perennials native-xeriscape-wildflowers trees-and-shrubspdf
Tips for Pots and ContainersAnnuals & Perennials, Edibles, Houseplants, Seasonal & Gardening Tips, , , , , annuals-and-perennials edibles houseplants seasonal-gardening-tipsannuals citrus containers herbs pots potted-plants
Plants that Attract HummingbirdsAnnuals & Perennials, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Pollinatorsannuals-and-perennials native-xeriscape-wildflowers pollinatorspdf
Growing African VioletsAnnuals & Perennials, Houseplantsannuals-and-perennials houseplantspdf
Laura’s Favorite Evergreen Plant OptionsAnnuals & Perennials, Groundcovers & Grasses, Roses, Trees & Shrubsannuals-and-perennials groundcovers-grasses roses trees-and-shrubspdf
Planting Annuals in San AntonioAnnuals & Perennialsannuals-and-perennialspdf
Flowering Shrubs and Vines for San AntonioAnnuals & Perennials, Trees & Shrubsannuals-and-perennials trees-and-shrubspdf
Full Shade Tolerant Plant ListAnnuals & Perennials, Groundcovers & Grasses, Trees & Shrubsannuals-and-perennials groundcovers-grasses trees-and-shrubspdf
Deer Resistant Plants for San AntonioAnnuals & Perennials, Cactus & Succulents, Groundcovers & Grasses, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Pests & Diseases, Trees & Shrubsannuals-and-perennials cactus-and-succulents groundcovers-grasses native-xeriscape-wildflowers pests-and-diseases trees-and-shrubspdf
Planting and Caring for Flowering Bulbs in San AntonioAnnuals & Perennials, Seasonal & Gardening Tips, Spring Garden, Summer Gardenannuals-and-perennials seasonal-gardening-tips spring-garden summer-gardenpdf
Butterfly and Pollinator Gardens: Perennial PlantsAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, Pollinatorsannuals-and-perennials butterflies pollinatorspdf
Fall Blooming Perennials for S.A.Annuals & Perennials, Fall Garden, Pollinators, Seasonal & Gardening Tipsannuals-and-perennials fall-garden pollinators seasonal-gardening-tipspdf
Primrose Packs a Punch of Winter Color!Annuals & Perennials, Seasonal & Gardening Tips, Winter Garden, , annuals-and-perennials seasonal-gardening-tips winter-gardencolorful-blooms shade-garden shade-tolerant
New Gold™ Lantana: An Easy Perennial for the PollinatorsAnnuals & Perennials, Pollinators, , , annuals-and-perennials pollinatorsdeer-resistant perennial pollinators san-antonio
Profuse Blooms on Profusion ZinniaAnnuals & Perennials, Fall Garden, Pollinators, Summer Garden, , , annuals-and-perennials fall-garden pollinators summer-garden seasonal-gardening-tipsannuals bees butterfly colorful-flowers
Duranta: A Feast for the Butterflies and HummingbirdsAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, Pollinators, , annuals-and-perennials butterflies pollinatorsbutterflies hummingbirds san-antonio
Mystic Spires Salvia: A Great Pollinator Plant for San AntonioAnnuals & Perennials, Pollinators, , , annuals-and-perennials pollinatorsbees butterfly perennial pollinator
Pollinator Garden Tried and True Butterfly PicksAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Pollinators, , annuals-and-perennials butterflies native-xeriscape-wildflowers pollinatorsbutterflies host-plant nectar-plant
Planting Milkweed for Butterflies: The Dos and Don’tsAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Pollinatorsannuals-and-perennials butterflies native-xeriscape-wildflowers pollinators
Gorgeous Flowers that Laugh at Summer HeatAnnuals & Perennials, Pollinators, Seasonal & Gardening Tips, Summer Garden, , , , , annuals-and-perennials pollinators seasonal-gardening-tips summer-gardenbatface-cuphea bulbine duranta flowers narrowleaf-zinnia orange-cestrum
Plants with a Tropical Vibe for San AntonioAnnuals & Perennials, Summer Garden, annuals-and-perennials summer-garden seasonal-gardening-tipssummer tropical-plants
Esperanza: A Texas-Tough, Super-Bloomer for San AntonioAnnuals & Perennials, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Summer Garden, , annuals-and-perennials native-xeriscape-wildflowers summer-garden seasonal-gardening-tipsdrought-tolerant summer yellow-flower
Impatiens: Colorful Annual Options For ShadeAnnuals & Perennials, Spring Garden, Summer Garden, annuals-and-perennials spring-garden summer-garden seasonal-gardening-tipscolorful-flowers shade-gardens
Water Plants: Pretty AND Functional For Your PondsAnnuals & Perennialsannuals-and-perennials
San Antonio Annuals and Perennials that Beat the HeatAnnuals & Perennials, Spring Garden, Summer Garden, annuals-and-perennials spring-garden summer-garden seasonal-gardening-tipsdrought-tolerant summer-flowers
Deer Resistant Plants, NOT Deer Proof!Annuals & Perennials, Pests & Diseases, Trees & Shrubs, annuals-and-perennials pests-and-diseases trees-and-shrubsdeer plant-list
Quick Care Tips For PoinsettiasAnnuals & Perennials, Seasonal & Gardening Tips, Winter Gardenannuals-and-perennials seasonal-gardening-tips winter-garden
Snapdragons: A Celebration of Cool Weather ColorAnnuals & Perennialsannuals-and-perennials
How To Care For Perennial Mums Through Winter and Next SpringAnnuals & Perennials, Winter Gardenannuals-and-perennials winter-garden seasonal-gardening-tips
Happiness has a Name and it’s Cyclamen!Annuals & Perennials, Winter Gardenannuals-and-perennials winter-garden seasonal-gardening-tips
5 Tips for Success in Planting PansiesAnnuals & Perennials, Fall Garden, Winter Gardenannuals-and-perennials fall-garden winter-garden seasonal-gardening-tips
Cabbage and Kale: Ornamental or EdibleAnnuals & Perennials, Edibles, Fall Garden, Vegetables, Winter Gardenannuals-and-perennials edibles fall-garden vegetables winter-garden seasonal-gardening-tips
Native Plant Fall Blooming Showcase: Shrubs and PerennialsAnnuals & Perennials, Fall Garden, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Trees & Shrubsannuals-and-perennials fall-garden native-xeriscape-wildflowers trees-and-shrubs seasonal-gardening-tips
Planting Fall Annuals Successfully in San AntonioAnnuals & Perennials, Fall Gardenannuals-and-perennials fall-garden seasonal-gardening-tips
Rainbow Gardens Favorite Woody Perennial VinesAnnuals & Perennialsannuals-and-perennials
The Beauty of Researching Native Plants for San AntonioAnnuals & Perennials, Herbs, Native/Xeriscape/Wildflowers, Pollinatorsannuals-and-perennials herbs native-xeriscape-wildflowers pollinators edibles
Pride of Barbados: The “IT” Plant During San Antonio SummersAnnuals & Perennials, Pollinators, Summer Gardenannuals-and-perennials pollinators summer-garden seasonal-gardening-tips
Gregg’s Blue Mistflower: A Hot Weather Bloomer for PollinatorsAnnuals & Perennials, Butterflies, News & Events, Pollinatorsannuals-and-perennials butterflies news-events pollinators
Salvia: A Tried and True San Antonio Landscape FavoriteAnnuals & Perennials, Fall Garden, Pollinators, Spring Garden, Summer Gardenannuals-and-perennials fall-garden pollinators spring-garden summer-garden seasonal-gardening-tips
Plumbago: A Winning Plant for all San Antonio GardensAnnuals & Perennialsannuals-and-perennials
Quarantine Gardening: What to do with your extra time.Annuals & Perennials, Edibles, News & Events, Seasonal & Gardening Tipsannuals-and-perennials edibles news-events seasonal-gardening-tips
Are Chewing Insects Destroying Your Garden?Annuals & Perennials, Edibles, Pests & Diseasesannuals-and-perennials edibles pests-and-diseases
Resilience Gardening: Outside is the Best Place to be Right Now!Annuals & Perennials, Edibles, News & Eventsannuals-and-perennials edibles news-events